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By Phil Plait | September 5, 2011 12:30 pm

Speaking of talking… on Friday, August 26, I was interviewed by Todd Whitehead from "Versus the World" — part of what he calls his Alpha Geeks series, including folks like geek musicians Mike Phirman and Marian Call.

As usual whenever I talk, we covered a lot of ground: attacks on science, global warming (which is on my mind a lot lately), and the like. It was a fun interview, and it’s online now, or you can grab the MP3 file directly.

You should peruse his archives, too. There’s lots of geek fodder to keep you occupied!

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Comments (5)

  1. Messier Tidy Upper

    .. attacks on science, global warming (which is on my mind a lot lately), and the like.

    If only we were seriously attacking the problem of Human Induced Rapid Global Overheating (HIRGO) rather attacking than the scientists who are studying it. :-(

    Memo for all the climate contrarians out there keen to post on how you think the problem that 97% of the climatological experts agree is real, isn’t – before you post anything please check out :



    (The third link there being the first in an excellent Youtube series on the topic.)

    Because, chances are, whatever argument against HIRGO you were thinking of mentioning here it’s already been debunked repeatedly.

  2. Messier Tidy Upper

    PS. Good talk BA – thanks. :-)

    Like your newly invented theme sound too – you’ll have to be introduced with it in future radio programs! ūüėČ

  3. Keith Bowden

    Sigh. I’m behind in my podcasts as it is and here’s another one to load up. Thanks! (Actually, I mean that. Thank you!)

  4. Josie


    I’ve been listening to Octale & Hordak Versus the World for about 5 years! (That was the previous incarnation of his show –focusing on gaming and a lot of World of Warcraft)

    Looking forward to hearing your episode ūüėÄ

    edit…on closer read…it looks like you got interviewed by the OTHER Todd ūüėõ I’ve been listening to HIS shows since he started Casually Hardcore a few years ago…I spend a lot of time with an earbud installed in my left ear.

  5. Undeniable

    I listened to this interview all the way through. One thing which jumped out at me was your criticism of “deniers” “moving the goalposts”. I fail to see any logical or other problem with this. AGW is not a single issue but a chain of reasoning and it is possible, indeed probable that one might have multiple objections to the idea. For instance, it is perfectly possible to question paleolithic temperature reconstructions AND satellite temperature measurements AND projected sea level rise, to pick three things more or less at random from a virtually endless list. If it then turns out that one objection is false, it does not mean that one is then somehow wrong to ‘move’ to (focus on) other objections.

    It has also to be said that the AGW side has itself moved the goalposts, at least from the perspective of public perception. From ‘new ice age’ (as was reported in the 70’s, whether the majority of scientists believed it or not) to ‘runaway global warming’ to just plain ‘global warming’ to ‘climate change’ to ‘climate disruption’ (I think that means bad weather).


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