TEDxBoulder, containing me

By Phil Plait | September 5, 2011 10:30 am

I’m very pleased to announce that I’ll be giving a presentation at TEDxBoulder on September 24 this year. TEDx events are independently organized from TED, but feature the same sorts of talks: inspiring, entertaining, and designed to help make the world a better place.

My topic? Trying to make the world a better place by preventing an asteroid impact from making it a far, far worse place. The other talks look pretty interesting, including one from Kimbal Musk, Elon Musk’s brother, and also from Jake Nickell, co-founder of the Threadless t-shirt company. I think this will be a very cool evening.

Tickets are on sale now but I hear it’s filling up quickly, so if you’re in the Boulder area and want to attend, better hurry!


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  2. Messier Tidy Upper

    Once again, we see the One Ring To Rule Them All falling from the sky into Erath’s upper atmosphere – crossed out. Indeed no! ūüėģ

    We can’t have The Ring falling from a great height at random. Re-entry won’t burn it up. We need to drop it specifically into the fires of Mt Doom – only there can it be destroyed! ūüėČ

    Seriously, that’s a dead Ring~er for Frodo’s / Bilbo’s / Sauron’s item of all-powerful fashion accessory. Well, minus a few fiery letters. Maybe it’s just not hot enough yet?

    (Anyone care to calculate at what point in the re-entry into Earth’s daylight atmosphere temperatures would exceed that of an ordinary wood (?)/ coal (?) fire? ūüėČ )

  3. I got my tickets, thanks for the heads-up! What’s the Boulder Astronomer equivalent of saying “Vibraphone”? Maybe, “Catastrophe”?

  4. Nyetwerke

    Ah, I am so glad that we wont all be destroyed by Oprah Winfrey’s giant outer space “O”! Your books and podcasts are great, Dr Plait, the voice and text of reason.

  5. Acronym Jim

    Threadless t-shirt company? Is that like homeophathic clothing? ‘Cause I’d totally support that. Does each full outfit come with its own “replying courtier”?

  6. Acronym Jim

    All kidding aside, the Google reveals some pretty cool t-shirt designs on the Threadless T-Shirt Company’s website.

  7. redartifice

    @3: It’s ‘Haleakala’


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