A quantum Symphony of Science

By Phil Plait | September 6, 2011 4:14 pm

A new Symphony of Science has just been released: "The Quantum World!"

This one is more upbeat than the others, and features my pal Brian Cox, as well as a few other familiar faces… including a delightful end quote by Richard Feynman which I think can be rephrased to say why scientists love doing what they do: science answers the questions posed by the imagination.

You should watch all the Symphony of Science videos. They’re delightful.

Tip o’ the boson to Gia.

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Comments (22)

  1. Orlando

    Wonderful! Feynman is so great, but I miss Carl…

  2. Crux Australis

    Cue the complaints about autotune in 5…4…3…2…

  3. Feynman is my favorite scientist, he always seemed to be having fun, wanted us to enjoy it as much as he did. It’s really too bad he didn’t survive into the world of blogging, he would have been the king of science blogging.

    Oh, also, autotune sucks. This would have been vastly better as a spoken word piece.

  4. I would complain about the autotune in 3..2..1 But it seems to work for these glorious basterds called melody sheep. Actually, I nominate autotune for a Nobel Prize or at least Time “Man of the Year”

  5. Gah! Autotune! Kill it! Kill it!

  6. Utakata

    Plays Daft Punk’s One More Time for John Marley.


  7. Just Mike

    I can’t figure how Morgan Freeman fits in with these persons of science. I like him as an actor, but didn’t he play the part of god in a couple of movies? This dichotomy as a religeous as well as a scientific authority makes me think he is just in it for for the money.

  8. As Easy Reader, his love of reading was so immense that it filled him with ecstatic joy to read the ingredients on a can of soup. That such a hunger for knowledge could spill into the world of advanced physics should be no surprise.

  9. David Arellano

    Just Mike, it’s just a narration kind of thing. He’s good at it, so they use him.

  10. Chris

    I think Phil is doing this to get back at all the people who questioned his hypothesis that telescope lasers can damage planes.

    As for the video, love the message, can’t stand the way it’s being delivered.

  11. @ Mike #8 – The use him because he has the best narration voice on the planet. Then, of course, they autotune it so it doesn’t sound right. Also, besides playing God, he was also part of a book on tape kind of thing of the bible and you can find videos of him talking about faith and science.

  12. Dr.Sid

    What’s the problem ? God is traditional fictional character. It shows up in many myths and tales, it’s perfectly all right if actor plays one .. especially if it is a comedy.
    That comedy also pretty much went against common dogmas .. I can imagine some Christians could be offended by lone fact that black man plays God.
    Last but not least .. Morgan Freeman is a God !

  13. MadSciKat =^..^=

    Morgan Freeman is the AWSUMEST God since Alanis Morissette, who in turn is the AWSUMEST God since George Burns. Not counting Ceiling Cat, of course…

    On second thought, Morgan Freeman is the AWSUMEST God since Ceiling Cat. Period.

  14. Thespis

    And Mr. Freeman tried for many years to get the movie project of Rendezvous With Rama onto the big screen: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rendezvous_with_Rama#Film.2C_TV_or_theatrical_adaptations

    @Just Mike, as an actor myself, I am worried at your thought that, just because I might play a religious figure or character on the stage, you would assume I hold the same or similar beliefs as the character I might play. I have a deep and abiding love for science and skepticality, as am certain Mr Freeman does, too.

  15. noen

    Shorter JustMike –> Morgan Freeman once played god in a movie – BURN HIM!

  16. VinceRN

    Rendezvous With Rama is perfect for making into a movie, but of course Hollywood would screw it up, put in a love story and a villain.

    Skepticality? You have a deep and abiding love for a web site? Pretty sure that’s not a word. (I hate smileys, but pretend I inserted one here so people know I’m kidding).

  17. JimB

    Morgan Freeman also hosts “Through the Wormhole” on Science Channel. And as David mentioned in #10, he has an excellent narration voice.

  18. Thespis

    @VinceRN: It’s a perfectly cromulent word.


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