Paper plait

By Phil Plait | September 7, 2011 10:35 am

While I was at Dragon*Con last week, I had a lot of folks tell me I was such a doll. What I didn’t realize is that they meant it literally: Steve D at Mad Art Lab made me into a cut-out paper doll. I join the ranks of other people such as Marie Curie, Albert Einstein, Ada Lovelace, and my pal Neil deGrasse Tyson. These dolls feature clothes you can also cut out and put on the figure in question. Jane Goodall’s comes with a cut-out chimp.

Now, I don’t usually put partial frontal nudity on the blog, but in my own case I’ll make an exception. You may wish to avert your eyes (and just in case, I’ll put it below the fold):

Yeah, so there’s that now.

Anyway, this debuted at Dragon*Con, and rumor has it Scott Sigler pasted two other heads on mine just to be silly. But that just shows you that these are pretty fun to play with, even if I don’t actually wear underwear like that*.

So have fun with this. In fact, if you do something with this paper doll you’re particularly proud of, link to it in the comments!

* Nope. Don’t even ask.

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Comments (35)

  1. Dr.Sid

    What about comment on new Lunar Orbitel snaps of landing sites ? Let the haters eat their socks.

  2. Naked Bunny with a Whip

    I don’t usually put partial frontal nudity on the blog

    Meh. I’ve seen plenty of pictures of you not wearing a hat.

  3. bystander

    Why do super-heroes insist on wearing their underwear over their tights?

  4. Chris

    Are you really going to question a superheroes fashion choice? They can so kick your @$$.

  5. So, how long until you finally get invited on Colbert?

  6. Ribi

    It’s kind of like an aristocrat’s codpiece — when someone knows they’re powerful, they can inflict their gonadal pride upon bystanders and not face any meaningful reprisal.

  7. Kkozoriz

    I’ve already seen the calendar you did a while ago so my retinas are already damaged.

    Goodall gets a chimp but you get Hubble AND a meteor. Win for you in my books.

  8. Wayne on the Plains

    You have by far the best accessories:

    Hubble Space Telescope!

    A meteor!

    A hat with a cool retro 70’s NASA logo!

    (Random digression, I still have a creative writing assignment I did in the third grade where my teacher counted off for not crossing the A’s when I wrote NASA in the “worm script” form. That logo was never quite the same for me after that.)

  9. Naked Bunny with a Whip

    @bystander: If they wore them under their tights, there’d be an unsightly panty line. Perhaps you’d prefer they forego underwear altogether.

  10. Make this on really thin paper and you will have a Phil Plait you can see right thru.

  11. Mitch

    The superhero outfit makes it look like you have a, um, cucumber bulging out of your chest. With a little cut-n-paste, you could have a very NSFW garment there.

  12. Doug

    @Mitch: “a little cut-n-paste” … quite literally in this case, I’d say.

    But I think it’d be more in line with the BA’s previous exploits to use a telescope instead of the superhero outfit.

  13. J Marton

    *cough* *twitteravatar* *cough*

  14. mike burkhart

    Kinds of reminds me of the Steve Austin (Six Millon Dollar Man tv show ) action figure I had as a kid , you could buy difrent stuff for it like a rocket ship that could be turned into a bionic lab, and three bionic arms that gave Steve abilltys he did not have in the show In fact may be Phil could become the worlds first bionic astronomer ,we have the tecnolgy.

  15. hhEb09'1

    I knew it! your socks don’t match…

  16. CR

    @16 “I knew it! your socks don’t match…”

    He matches them based upon thickness, not color or style.

    (apologies to Steven Wright for using his joke…)

  17. Thomas

    He also gave you mismatched socks.

  18. Awesome. Next year I’ll be at Dragon*Con as an SFWA member. I’ll have to keep my eyes out for my favorite skeptics.

  19. Cindy

    In my physics class the other day students were asking about wearing lab coats. I said that astronomers don’t wear lab coats while observing. The kids pointed out that in the movies they do. I told them that astronomers usually wear grubby jeans and an old T shirt. Sigh, I guess I’ll have to revise that statement and add “or superhero costumes”.

    Oh, the reason for why superheros wear their underwear on the outside is because they can’t fully pull up the tights over their very muscled legs. If they didn’t wear the underwear on the outside, then their tights would keep slipping down and they would walk more like a penguin. Or maybe they got tired of being mistaken for ballet dancers.

  20. Chief

    With a intro buildup like that, you know everyone is going to click on the link to see the cutout. Maybe we are hoping to see an update to your nude with a scope you had done several years ago. Makes me laugh when I think of it. Gutsy.

  21. It was great getting to meet you after the panel with Kevin at D*C, but now that you’ve raised the specter of Neil DeGrasse Tyson, I can’t help but wonder how epic The Neil & Phil Show would be!

  22. Crux Australis

    Of course, you’re a writer; you have no need for underwear. Or pants. Or clothes.

  23. Alice Hogan

    What if I took him to a really important White House meeting??? That’d be pretty cool. :)

    And, I second The Neil & Phil Show!

  24. BigBadSis

    Ewwww! I just saw my brother in his undies!! Ewwww!

  25. We can play tattooing your paper doll however (and wherever) we want!!!!

  26. Jim Craig

    As you get older, if someone asks the old “boxers or briefs” question, you can answer, “Hmmm… Depends.” 😀

  27. TT

    He wears a Rhinestone-studded thong. I saw it in the bathroom.

  28. Bette Noir

    Dr. Phil, you have the funniest commenters in all of blogdom. I have water leaking out of my eyes, I’m laughing so hard.

  29. Davec

    Do you zip then button or button then zip? (from a babylon 5 episode)

  30. Ahem…I can see your…er…”pulsar”.

  31. Missy

    HAHAHAHA between the cut out and the comments I sat here giggling in my office. Thanks I needed that…now I must get to printing and cutting!!!

  32. Charles Sullivan

    Whitey Tighties;~)

  33. spacewriter


    I knew you looked cute as a doll. :)

  34. Abble

    @ Naked Bunny – Your comment about Phil sans hat made me choke on my Milk Duds. Silly rabbit.


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