Facebook gives me a patriot's choice

By Phil Plait | September 8, 2011 11:02 am

So, is Facebook trying to get me to move to New Hampshire?

So which should I choose? Live Free or Dye?

Note: the picture above is real, and I have Emily’s permission to use her friend request for this post. The person going by "Live Free", however, withdrew their request for some reason. I searched Facebook for this person, but there are literally hundreds if not thousands of people using that name, and I couldn’t find the right one. That’s why I blurred the picture out. Also, just FYI, Facebook puts a limit on friends, which I hit a while back. So now I can only accept friend requests from people I actually know. I do have a "fan page", so you can always join there.]

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Comments (26)

  1. Bill

    “Live Free or Dye”?

    Sounds like a false dichotomy to me.
    Why can’t it be “Live Free AND Dye”?

  2. DigitalAxis

    I prefer Connecticut anyway.

  3. dumb guy

    But I don’t want to be your fan! I want to be your friend.

  4. Robin Byron

    I wish we could dye ourselves. Though I’m a nice, light brown, I’d like to add enough melanin for, say, one shade darker. Skin cancer surgeries suck: I’ve had six.

    Do you know the first effective sunscreen lotion was developed in 1938? Nor did I. I’m sure we CA surfers were just too cool to use it, in any case.

  5. Timmy

    Trying to brag about all the friends you have?
    If it weren’t for all the pages I made for my G.I. Joes, I would hardly have any :(

  6. Steve

    How about the Hairdresser which had the name “Curl up and Dye”.

  7. Vanessa
  8. @Bill #1
    Surely Live Free AND Dye has been the rallying cry of punk rockers since the 1970’s?

  9. Keith Bowden

    Is there enough left to dye? :)

  10. Robin

    Because of the duality of human nature you can choose both.

  11. UmTutSut

    I once got a friend request from a woman named Tippy Canoux. And from her husband Tyler, too.

  12. Crux Australis
  13. NAW

    Wow, you have more friends in common with someone than I have in all. Though you are a lot more famous than I, and a lot cooler, and know a lot more people…….. This is going down hill.

  14. Crux Australis

    Sorry, I just realized how terribly off-topic that was!

  15. Michael Suttkus, II

    I’m horrified! 15 comments in and not one math geek has pointed out that “or” is not “xor”. Pick both!

  16. Kim

    “The words ‘Live Free or Die,’ written by General John Stark…”

    Why didn’t he use his family’s motto, “Winter is Coming”…?

  17. Douglas Troy

    Why would I want to join a Fan page? Honestly Phil … I don’t know about you sometimes, I mean, I’ve had central A/C for some time now.

  18. I prefer “live free or don’t”.

  19. As a Granite State Skeptic, I would welcome you here with open arms, and throw you a heck of a party too!

  20. Elena

    You can’t choose live free anymore since he/she withdrew his/her request to be your friend. I sent you a friend request a few weeks ago but I canceled it after I read that you couldn’t accept anymore friends. Oh, I did join your fan page.

  21. VinceRN

    You should certainly live free if you can, but between the two choose dye. Also, having visited both I’d say Boulder is nicer.

  22. MrPeach

    New Hampshire is a swell place. I’ve lived there since ’83.
    Probably not many jobs here for you though.

  23. Aubri

    That’s what we call serendipity!

  24. Minos

    I took a course taught by Slaughter and Dai once. It turned out to be not all that life threatening.

  25. Scottynuke

    MrPeach, I kinda have a feeling Dartmouth (or at least UNH’s EOS group) would gladly provide Phil with some working space and a reasonable compensation package… :-)


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