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By Phil Plait | September 20, 2011 2:04 pm

One of the more fascinating meta-qualities of the intertubez is how it’s opened up a bunch of sub-cultures to people who would otherwise have no idea they exist. Sure, we all know about Trekkers and Whovians and Steampunkers, but until the advent of Twitter, Facebook and the other social nets I was not aware of the popularity of crafters: people who make things. I mean people who knit, do papercraft, create clothes, and so on.

Oh sure, I knew it was a fun hobby and all that — what I didn’t know is how devoted some folks are to it. It’s pretty cool; they make cozies, socks, hats, skirts, dresses, sweaters… it’s amazing. And of course, this being the web and all, a lot of these folks are also space/math/science/scifi nerds. Still I never, ever, ever would’ve predicted this. I present to you The Vitruvian Dalek:


Spoonflower, the site that hosts this pattern, has tons of other nerdy ones, like math equations, a solar system diagram, and even the odd Ood or two.

Winter’s coming… I could use a quilt. Hmmm.

Tip o’ the sewing needle to Mary Firestone.

* I know, it’s not knitting, and I used that joke once before. But it’s still funny.

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Comments (23)

  1. The intertubez; making humanity one community!

    Well, we could hope.

  2. Brian

    That should read “Winter is coming”. Ned Stark would disapprove.

  3. kiwiMartian

    Some amazing fabrics here!

  4. Chris

    What language is that on the image?

  5. Keith Bowden

    I adore my miniature 3’+ Doctor Who scarf that I got from someone on eBay many moons ago. Much easier to manage than the 17′ version. Stylish and warm, too!

  6. foobar

    Really, you don’t know about crafters? That’s what Michael’s is – Best Buy for crafters. Having two girls, they really enjoy making all sorts of crafts.

    It’s actually a pretty nice store – they have lots of picture frames.

  7. Sili


  8. Off Colfax

    Shensheng de gaowan! They have a Firefly Chinese Curses print! Xiang yao!

  9. Yeah, nobody knew about anything before the internet. I guess all those craft stores that were pretty much on every other street corner up until the 90s or so never really existed. Not to mention all the craft books on the shelves of pretty much every chain bookstore (remember those?)

    Thank goodness the internet told us all about sex, too. The species would have died off.

  10. Illanoy Gal

    Oh, how neat. Thanks for the bookmark as I’ll be going back tomorrow to explore the possibilities. And to think that I wouldn’t have found the site if it hadn’t been for my fascination with astronomy!! Crazy world, right?

  11. Nigel Depledge

    @ Sili (7) –
    Yeah, that’s what they called themselves. “Trekkies” was, apparently, always considered to be derogatory.

  12. Nigel Depledge

    @ Kuhnigget (9) –

  13. You still here, Nigel? I thought you’d been quote mined into a coma back in the Texas evolution thread!

  14. Calli Arcale


    I’m into crafting (knitting is my preferred venue, and also my main addiction besides Dr Who), and I was aware that there are places out there that print up custom fabric. But I had no idea there were geeky crafters making such fantastic fabric prints! Much less that I could possibly BUY them!!!!

    Now I need to come up with a project I can use this on!

  15. QuietDesperation

    Sometimes the subcultures mix.

    The intertubez; making humanity one community! Well, we could hope.

    If anything it’s made us more divided. It’s the perfect echo chamber for the ideologies on all sides.

  16. @ ^ Quiet Desperation :

    The intertubez is able to – and has done to varying extents – both divide and unite. Like, pretty much, all technology we’ve ever invented it’s a double-edged sword.

    Brings some folks together, drives others further apart.

    Human nature is what it is.

    Technology empowers us to do both the wonderful and the terrible as ever.

    C’est la vie. Que cera cera. Whatever will be will be.

    Always people there are. Getting things wrong. Getting things right. Maybe? Ambiguous lives lead.

  17. QuietDesperation

    Brings some folks together, drives others further apart.

    It’s bringing folks together… to drive away those *other* folks.

  18. mike burkhart

    I’m still wating to see a Dr Who and Prf Quatermass crossover . After all they did a Dr Who ,Star Trek crossover. Off Topic: I recently got 2010 Moby Dick on dvd , its a modern version of the classic story , I read Moby Dick in High School it was required reading ( My teacher Sara Lyn Blocker assinged it ) and I’ve seen the movie with Gregory Peck . This version has a Sub Captian after an very big and agressive White Whale.The theam of Moby Dick has be reused in many other storys : In Jaws Quint the shark hunter is like Cap Ahab , in two episodes of Star Trek the them was used In The Doomday machine Com Decker become obesesed with destorying the planet killer and Kirk in Obeseion with killing the vampire cloud, in the movie Star Trek 2 Khan is not only obsesed with killing Adm Kirk but even quiotes form Moby Dick ( ” From hells heart I stab at thee”) .

  19. DigitalAxis

    Now I know where Ms. Frizzle got her outfits from.

  20. Loki

    This concept has been sitting on the Project Dalek site for some time. Still pretty cool.

  21. If your sewing skills and equipment is minimal then you could try and make a tablecloth. (Me only a hand sewing emergency kit box is what I’ve got.)

  22. Debra

    I knitted a Mandelbrot sweater for a maths geeky friend about 20 years ago… I think he’s still got it and still wears it!


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