By Phil Plait | September 30, 2011 12:00 pm

Via Ravyn Schmidt on Google+ comes this cute video about a man hoping to make a date to see a woman:


Adorable! But I have to wonder: why didn’t he just use Heavens Above instead?

[Edited to add: I almost forgot; the last bit in the video reminded me strongly of this.]


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  1. Wayne on the Plains

    Definitely makes more sense on a second viewing.

  2. Mark

    Oh man, that’s so perfect… as soon as I saw the cupola, I understood perfectly.. and I couldn’t stop smiling until the end…


  3. Pete Jackson

    Have the ISS astronauts reported any lasers being shot towards them, as happens to aircraft flying over cities? At least, shooting a laser at the ISS poses no threats to anybody as long as no aircraft accidentally get in the way.

  4. Daniel Herron

    I doubt the typical handheld astronomy pointing laser would make it the 200ish mile (at best if directly overhead) distace to hit them and even if did it would be difficult to hold it on the ISS for enough time to bother anyone.

  5. idahogie

    I agree with W on the P. It’s great the 2nd time.

    I wish they’d gotten the gravity right at the end, though.

  6. Navneeth

    [No astronomers were used in making this video.]


    Phil, regarding your edit: despite the fact that I quickly caught on to what was happening, for an instant I almost thought it was going to zoom out to that image. :)

  7. ABC D√°rio

    Even would do fine (many geeks are lazy, in a good way…).

  8. Pat Myers

    “why didn‚Äôt he just use Heavens Above instead?”

    Because he’s a hipster and Heavens Above is too “trendy”. This is also why he’s using a chalkboard this day in age. ūüėÄ

    What a sweet movie.

  9. John Sandlin

    I have the ISS tracking enabled in Stellarium. Of course getting it to tell me in advance when it will be visible is still a problem.

  10. Moose

    What a cute video. :-)

  11. Crux Australis

    I shall hereon play this to my 9th grade science class.

  12. Christine P.

    Aww, that made me get tears in my eyes.

  13. ROFL!

    “But I have to wonder: why didn‚Äôt he just use Heavens Above instead?”

    Yeah, Heavens Above would have done it pretty well for him! :)

  14. Daniel J. Andrews

    There’s also an app from NASA that’ll tell you when the ISS and other satellites are going over your location. I find that the easiest to use.

  15. Unaspammer

    She reminds me of Denise Richards’ character in Starship Troopers.

  16. They are using Twitter – I get updates on Twitter alerting me when the ISS is going to pass over. I only need to use heavens-above for iridium flares.

  17. 15. Unaspammer Says: “She reminds me of Denise Richards‚Äô character in Starship Troopers.”

    Ugh. Her “acting” almost ruined that movie for me. I couldn’t believe for a second that she was actually flying a spaceship. Maybe if she’d participated in the co-ed shower scene I could excuse it…

    – Jack

  18. Sticks

    @Bipedal Tetrapod what is the URL for that twitter home page?

  19. PayasYouStargaze

    That’s so cute. I love it.


    I watched it too many times and I noticed that they messed up on the direction she’s travelling. He watches her travelling westwards but when she’s looking down she’s travelling eastwards. Or maybe he’s looking at the wrong space station and it’s a subtle twist at the end of the film.


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