Please help kids in need learn about math and science

By Phil Plait | October 10, 2011 10:36 am

Exposing people to science, to the wonders of the natural world, is a major theme here on the BA blog. There are so many amazing and interesting things going on in the Universe that sometimes all you really need to do is show them to people, and they’re hooked.

Sometimes, though, they need a little help.

A lot of kids in the US are in desperate need of school supplies to help them learn about math and science. That’s why, once again, I am starting up my Donors Choose page. This is a fantastic group that allows teachers to let people know what things they need and how much it will cost, and then people can donate as much or as little as they want, to the classrooms they want to.

Last year, Bad Astronomy Bloggees — that’s you guys! — donated over $2600 to worthy classrooms. I’d love to be able to raise that much or more this year, too. This is part of a challenge to see which science blogs raise the most money. So if you can, get a smaller cup of coffee, forgo one t-shirt with a snarky message on it, cook one fewer cupcakes, and take that money you saved and send it to some kids who want to learn about the Universe.

I set donation page up to list Math and Science classes with no region specified; they can be from east to west, north to south. But what they all need is a little support.

Here’s my Bad Astronomy Science-a-thon 2011 page.

If you can help, take a look and see which one of the projects clicks with you. This year, the challenge runs from right now through October 22.

I bet a lot of folks reading this right now have a fond memory of a special project, something they did in school that stuck with them into adulthood. I can name ten, personally. So let’s help others have those great memories, too.


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