Doctor Who fan trailer to tide you over

By Phil Plait | October 11, 2011 1:14 pm

If the recent season finale of Doctor Who made you despair of waiting a year for the next season to start (with only two holiday episodes between now and then to alleviate the pain), then try watching this fan-made trailer for the show. It’s quite well-done (and there are no spoilers for the last episode).

Sigh. Yeah, now the wait will be even worse. And I should know: I’m a doctor.

Oh– there are two other fun DW vids, if you’re so inclined: this one, a Series 6 synopsis that is spoiler-ish, and this one, which is a quite spoilery funny mashup of the good Doctor with Tik Tok from Lady Gaga Ke$ha. Yes, seriously.

Tip o’ the sonic to Nerdist and Blastr.


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Comments (20)

  1. TomF

    Tik Tok is by Ke$ha, not Lady Gaga.

  2. QuietDesperation

    There’s the Christmas special, yes?

  3. Keith Bowden

    Fortunately (in a way), I’ve only seen a couple of episodes of season “six” (I consider it season 33 – counting the “specials” as a season), so I will get to savor them as i get the new discs finally. (And get a new power supply for my 65″ high def TV. :( )

  4. Jimmy

    Tik Tok was by Ke$ha, not Lady Gaga. Edit, someone beat me to the correction, sorry, didn’t see that.

  5. Well done, except I saw every Doctor in there except for #6 (Colin Baker). You’ve got to show all eleven!

  6. flibbertigibbet

    I hate to say it, but I think this actually made the waiting worse. I guess the only thing to do know is what is suggested in the trailer – mega marathon of everything over the last 50 years (minus the lost episodes).

  7. Who first aired the Saturday evening after JFK was shot. The Beeb almost did not air it for that reason…
    I am 51 and still cannot watch blink unless the lights are on!
    Oh, and Don’t blink!

  8. noen

    Definitely a mad man with a box.

  9. steviepeas

    awesome, gutted about there not being a series next year. but i guess it will make the 50th anniversary better, hopefully they might do a couple of mid year specials like they did with dave tennant

  10. Lars Bruchmann

    I am impressed that 2 other people on here know that Tik Tok is by Ke$ha not Lady GaGa!

  11. One day I shall be back…

  12. Bean Soup

    I must not watch enough Doctor Who- I don’t even remember a Tik Tok, Ke$ha or Lady Gaga.

  13. I think there needs to be an act of parliament to make sure Stephen Moffat never leaves the show.

  14. Lynn Wilhelm

    I’m so far behind in my Dr Who. :-(

    I can only watch 2 hours a month for my instant Netflix and only get two disks a month so I still have a lot of catching up to do.

    I don’t get any special cable channels and as far as I can tell there’s no Who on broadcast TV in my area. I used to love watching Dr Who nightly on my PBS station, but no more.

    Is there any other way for me to catch up?

  15. Our cable company recently started carrying BBC America, just in time for a Doctor Who marathon followed by a Battlestar Galactica marathon. Our kids are hooked on Doctor Who.

    Fortunately, we don’t need Netflix, as our local library is part of the county’s library system, and we can borrow any book/DVD from any of the county’s libraries. (And, if you don’t mind waiting a few days, they deliver it — free of charge — to your local library.)

    Can anyone point me to the name of the collection to get if we wanted to watch the very beginning? (Starting with the first episode with the first Doctor.) Their naming convention is a bit confusing to me, as we just borrowed two different sets, both called “the complete fourth series”. (I think one was the 10th and the other the 11th Doctor.)

  16. Wzrd1

    Many of the old, original early series episodes are lost. I DO believe that episode 1, series 1 of the first doctor, played by William Hartnell is still extant. But, the first series is largely lost.

    I should add, the original series was more geared toward being educational, regarding historic events, with far less science fiction and it wasn’t until 1968 that it finally jumped fully into science fiction.

  17. In that case, can someone point me to an episode which could fill in the gaps in my knowledge, having started only recently, and only seen the 10th and 11th Doctors? For instance, I understand that the TARDIS is, umm…, “borrowed”, and the Doctor is the last of the Time Lords. Is there an episode which explains all this directly, rather than merely by reference?


    BTW, we are all enjoying Doctor Who, even without necessarily knowing all of the backstory.

  18. Yeah, it’s Ke$ha, not Lady Gaga. I got my pop culture all mixed up. In my defense, I was just listening to the duet Gaga did with Tony Bennett, singing The Lady Is a Tramp, which is pretty amazing.

  19. Calli Arcale

    ToSeek — the Sixth Doctor was indeed in there! They did get all eleven in. ūüėČ I was particularly pleased to see #8 in there a couple of times; Paul McGann did a fine job with the brief opportunity he had, and his Doctor really got short shrift because of the circumstances.

    It would be delightful to see a mega-marathon of every extant episode! It would gobble up an awful lot of programming time, though, and is consequently probably impractical for actual broadcast. I wonder how long it would actually take…..

  20. Robert Carnegie

    In “The Doctor’s Wife”, modern episode, creepy stuff, he talks about the time he “borrowed” the TARDIS, a bit. It happened off-screen, of course. The 1969 story “The War Games” has the Time Lords catching up with him when he has to call them in to deal with the season finale enemy. he has returned home a few more times since then.

    The Doctor is the last Time Lord because he used a time-weapon to destroy the remaining Time Lords -and- the Daleks despite their ability to travel in time and get away. He saw that whichever side won would go on to devastate the universe, probably retrospectively. It’s discussed from the Time Lord point of view at the start of part two of “The End of Time”.


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