People's Choice podcast awards

By Phil Plait | October 13, 2011 2:00 pm

Every year at this time the People’s Choice Podcast Awards are held. This year, three different podcasts with which I am involved in some way are nominated in the Science category!

Big Picture Science (what used to be Are We Alone) is the SETI podcast/radio show where I do the (roughly) monthly Brains on Vacation segment with astronomer Seth Shostak. My friends Fraser Cain and Pamela Gay do the Astronomy Cast podcast (I’ve been on it a few times). And the Skeptics Guide to the Universe podcast, where I’m a frequent guest and general rabble-rouser, is also nominated.

I like all three, so I have no problem if my readers vote for any of these. You can vote every day, once per day, until October 27. Voting resets at midnight Eastern US time.


Comments (9)

  1. Chris P

    How come three of my favourite podcasts; SGU, Astronomy Cast and Star Talk are in the same category?

    If you guys could throw a vote to The Bowery Boys in the Travel section it’d be nice :wave: You could even give it a listen! It’s a really great podcast about the history of New York City.

  2. Keith Bowden

    I voted in only one other category. How could I not vote for a show called Keith and the Girl? :)

  3. Fred

    While you’re at it, may I recommend Caustic Soda in both the Best Produced and Education categories. It’s a fun and funny podcast about gross, scary, or strange topics in pop culture and in reality, from a skeptical, science-enthusiast angle.

    In the Health / Fitness category, QuackCast by Mark Crislip is also a great skeptical, anti-quackery podcast.

  4. Mike

    You forgot to mention QuackCast under the Health/Fitness category!

  5. Frying Dutchmen

    What about Mysterious universe? They are science podcast well anti science but anti science still has science in it. Tho I think it’s offensive to have Skeptiko on there.

  6. Chris P

    Thanks Fred, I’ll give Caustic Soda a try.

  7. tmac57

    SGU,StarTalk,Astronomy Cast and Big Picture Science….It’s like picking your favorite child.I guess I will pick one each day until it’s over.Also,anyone else listen to WTF? Man I love that show.

  8. If you like Astronomy Cast, check out the “Near Earth Objects” episode of Caustic Soda. Our Guespert is none other than Fraser Cain.

  9. Monkey

    Im going to part with the crowd on this one – and take a swipe at the categories. I know this is just for fun, but any peoples award does hold some sort of higher merit in my mind as it is the listeners who get to pick the best. Im not sure I dig the vote everyday thing….but I can sleep with that.

    First, I love without hesitation SGU and BigPictureScience, and I quite like Astronomy Cast. But, with the category being “science” I cannot vote for them. For science, Quirks and Quarks must get the vote in my humble opinion. And not just because I am Canadian; its a perfect podcast, full of lay-listener science and higher, he breaks down the big topics nicely and keeps it relevant and interesting. His personality shines through while banging out key science that is going on in the world. SGU is more skepticism, BPS is more mythbusting and future progress of science….both are heavy into science but I wouldnt say that they are pure science podcasts. It hurts not to vote for BPS……I wish there were more differentiated categories.

    Second, Fat2Fit should be in the health category. Anybody else out there dig that ‘cast?

    Regardless, these are opinions only. If nothing else comes of the peoples choice, it is the opportunity to see what is out there and to dig into new material. New is good.

    …off to vote….


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