Just cos

By Phil Plait | October 29, 2011 12:00 pm

Some people might consider this a sin, but hey: I’m no angle.

This comic is from Luke Surl, who has some pretty funny geek comics on his site.

… and if you don’t get it, this might help. Or you could try searching on it; secant you shall find.

Tip o’ the sunscreen lid to Neil Tyson, whom I hear is really into astronomy.

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Comments (30)

  1. Arg! So many trig puns! But still hilarious!

  2. Pete Jackson

    Sine of the times…

  3. Brian

    Mairzy doates, and doazy doates, and cosecant seedivy …

  4. edwardv

    Ha ha. I cot it.

  5. Tim G

    Looking at tan lines is no sin.

    I just realized you already used my pun >_<

    Anyway, does having a period attract sharks?

  6. tacitus

    No need to go off on a tangent…

  7. Tim G

    There should be limits.

  8. Anon

    Dat ass…ymptote

  9. PayasYouStargaze

    That’s the best thing I’ve ever seen! I’d do that to my girlfriend… if I had one.

  10. anatman

    did you haversine a release before you used her picture?

  11. Infinite123Lifer

    This joke wasn’t exactly a piece of cake to get. . . it was a piece of pi

  12. Charlie in Dayton

    “…Just cos…Some people might consider this a sin, but hey: I‚Äôm no angle…secant you shall find…”

    Don’t sell the bike shop yet, Wilbur…

  13. Wzrd1

    @PayasYouStargaze, #11. Know the feeling all too well. But, I rather suspect my wife would object to said girlfriend. And math, she’s dyslexic…

    Infinite123Lifer, I was thinking more along the lines of 2pi^2, but THAT is a different equation… ūüėČ

  14. Personally I think it is all over hyped…, possibly because I’m taking the external angle on this rather than the complimentary one, or am I just being too radical?

  15. Anonymous Coward

    Beware, Phil! The feminists are onto you!

  16. Minos

    I guess I’m slow, the title threw me off. I thought, “That doesn’t look anything like a cosine graph!”

  17. Infinite123Lifer

    For Wzrd1:

    Arr Arr Arr Arr Arr… :)

    r we missing an r? or am I missing it entirely?


    2pi^2 is just a number. But 2pi^2 is a piece of pi more appropriately.
    If I am right its the first time all day. If I am wrong than nothing has changed, I still look like and act like a rookie.

    I should stay out of the funny math jokes. . .I don’t want to strike the wrong chord, if u an it circle the wagons I am toast.

    However, regarding situations in general. . . to the best of my ability I prefer to rise over run ūüėČ

  18. DLC

    Nothing like a nice slice of Pi.

  19. Steve Metzler

    There are some good ones up there on Luke’s site. My fav:

    Personal Assistant: “..so out of the 10^31 sentients in the omniverse, only one still believes in homeopathy..”

    B. Goldacre, Pan-Galactic Overlord: “Yet somehow this frustrates me even more”

  20. Jess Tauber

    Its a sine of a hyperbolical mind, is what it is.

    By the way, various +/- sines or cosines x2 of certain angles give 1/2 sqrt5+/-1, the values of the Golden Ratio. Others give bupkus. So much for ID.

  21. Bob Hankinson

    Thanks, Phil! I teach High School math, and this is SO going on a powerpoint!

  22. Nigel Depledge


    @ Bobathon (8) –

  23. Sine, cosine! Cosine, sine!

  24. Beau

    Bad. Pun. Overload!

  25. Was “angle” another purposeful pun or did you mean “angel”. Actually, any tanning (no pun intended) should be discouraged. My brother is battling metastasized malignant melanoma.

  26. Helen

    Another example of men in the skeptical community objectifying women.

  27. Nigel Depledge

    @ Helen (29) –

    How so?


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