Out of this world jack-o-lantern

By Phil Plait | October 31, 2011 12:30 pm

Looking for a last minute jack-o-lantern idea? You might get some inspiration from BABloggee Kevin Puetz, who made this space-station-based pumpkin for Halloween:

[Click to engourdgenate.]

Pretty cool! I like the Orbiter docked on the right, too. I’ve been away the past few days and didn’t have time to carve a pumpkin, so here’s a picture of mine from last year:

Got dorky pumpkins? Put links to ‘em in the comments!

And since I’ve got your attention, here again is my gallery of spacey, spooky astronomical objects, so that when you’re walking along outside tonight you’ll know that when you look up to the stars, they’re looking back at you! Mwuahahahahaha!



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Comments (12)


    Got dorky pumpkins? Put links to ‘em in the comments!

    Well, you asked for it: Click Here (NSFW!).

  2. katwagner

    Phil thanks so much for today’s goosebumps and Ivan3Man HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Today’s happy thought. *Giggle!*

  3. Robin Byron

    My extraordinarily lame, super massive, jack-o-lantern eating jack-o-lantern.

  4. Another Eric

    The photo titled “The stern look of NGC 2467″ reminds me of the creature from the original ‘Outer Limits’ episode “Galaxy Being”

  5. Jess Tauber

    I dunno- the ‘mouth’ is ambiguous- there’s one small nearly closed one right under the nose, and the other much larger one beneath.

  6. Messier Tidy Upper

    The International Space Station (of Death!?) has never looked so creepy .. Cool. :-)

    Looks like one of the experiments being carried out aboard has gone horribly wrong. :-o

    Or is this the second it has fallen victim to a space war device of some kind?

  7. Paulino

    I can’t see witch!!! aaahhhrrggghhh!!!

  8. Daniel

    Here’s my dorky pumpkin. Did the electronics myself:


  9. Orion McMurry

    In the Witch’s Head picture I keep seeing a masked face. I circled it here. :) http://imgur.com/seaeW


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