Fort Collins, Colorado talk OF DEATH

By Phil Plait | November 2, 2011 5:06 pm

A quick note to folks in the Fort Collins, Colorado area: I’ll be giving my "Death from the Skies!" talk on Thursday, November 3 (tomorrow as I write this) at the Colorado State University campus there. The talk will be at the Lory Student Center East Ballroom at 7:00 p.m.

It’s open to the public [UPDATE: admission is FREE!], so if you’re in the area, come see me show how an asteroid impact can ruin your whole day!

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    You wrote a book?!

  2. Corey

    It looks like the talk is at Colorado State – the two university systems haven’t merged yet. (Though it might not be such a bad idea – it’s worked in Wisconsin.)

  3. CB

    come see me show how an asteroid impact can ruin your whole day!

    My whole day?! Well, I thought asteroid impacts would be a minor nuisance that would perhaps ruin my lunch time, but if they could ruin a whole day I think we should get serious about this issue! =D

  4. D’oh! You’re right, Corey. That’s what I get for having CU within biking distance. :)

  5. Corey, bite your tongue. Why would CU, the best university between Chicago and California, want to merge with a fifth rate agricultural college? The very thought should require a barf alert.

  6. Corey

    A merger could eliminate administrative redundancy and save some money. I don’t know if it’s even been talked about. CU has been raising tuition, cutting instructor pay, and increasing class sizes (i.e. more work for less pay), which is among the reasons I left.

  7. corhen

    Please come to kelowna, BC, Canada.. would LOVE to have you up here!

  8. MB

    More advance warning next time, please. I am in Colo. Springs and would love to drive up but can’t on such short notice.

  9. Tony

    If I still lived in Ft.C. and went to CS, I’d be there. From CA, it’s too a long trip. Good luck, if it’s anywhere near as conservative now as it was back then… ūüėõ

  10. Kevin

    as a brit i cant come but is there any place i could get the talk on video/audio ?

  11. Marc JX8P

    Love to come – but I’m on the wrong continent. Oh, how I long for Pangea; at least I could’ve walked then. :-) Any chance of a webcast via ustream or so?

  12. OCCUPY APOPHIS! See? Physical reality only respects violence.

  13. skinman

    “CU, the best university between Chicago and California”

    Thanks for that. I needed a good laugh today.

    Phil, any plans for a talk further south? I live in Castle Rock and a drive to Ft. Fun isn’t doable.

  14. Michael Swanson

    We must be more scientifically and skeptically enlightened than I suspect, since no one ever comes to Portland. :( I can just see you, Tyson, Dawkins, Randi, et al saying, “Sorry, Portland, we’re needed elsewhere!” before rushing off to the Skepticopter to save some less fortunate city from woo.

  15. scgvlmike

    #14: FSM knows we could use an appearance by all of them here (bonus if they bring Marian Call and/or Felicia Day; double-bonus if they bring NPH) in Upstate SC. Clemson University isn’t that far away, Phil! You hear me?! :)


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