A new SMBC book! Plus, bonus me.

By Phil Plait | November 7, 2011 1:57 pm

Perhaps the single greatest feeling in the world — better than winning the lottery, better than seeing your baby being born, better than having fresh batteries in the TV remote — is waking up to find out you’re in the latest Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal comic. Click the panel here to read the whole thing.

Even better? There’s a new SMBC book! I haven’t read it yet, because Zach hasn’t sent me a free copy in exchange for relentlessly shilling his stuff here on the blog, but I assume it’s at least mildly diverting. Look, SMBC is the funniest science-based web comic done by a geeky ginger who also draws himself shirtless all the time, which, let’s face it, is a niche that’s nearly saturated (assuming Rupert Grint doesn’t start one as well).

His first book, "Save Yourself, Mammal!" is really funny, and this new one is a collection of comics hand-picked by Zach, so it’ll be the best thing you’ve ever read, or Zach will send you a dozen long-stem roses flown in from Ecuador*.

[NOTE: Many of Zach’s comics deal with topics that are probably NSFW. If you buy the book you may get the vapors if you are inclined thusly. Be ye fairly warned, says I.]

* Hey, if it’s on the Internet, it must be true!

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Comments (15)

  1. Halinka

    Somehow,I’ve known that.
    This time’s OK,but the next one is unknown…
    Of course I hate those ones,who take the Astronomy,or other kind of Science as the means of fear,always trying to avoid unsupported claims.
    This site here means for me a lot.I appreciate it so much.
    In such exceptional cases,all the Astronomers,who have got Their sites, should do ,which You have,Phil : immediately debunk all the made up stories in as more convincible way,as They can.Your way is the best,because we can have the impression of a current ‘conversation’ with You,which goes directly into our hearts and minds.
    I’d like to Thank You for that.
    Best Greetings from Denmark-

  2. chris j.

    he should have had you say, “we could put LASERS on them!” not just sexier, but actually true!

    it reminds me, back in the 80s, i was living in albuquerque and got to do a physics mentorship at UNM while i was still in high school. all the buzz at UNM, los alamos, and kirkland was that the way to get science projects funded in the era of reagan’s “star wars” was to add the word “gun” to any project’s name.


    at least one professor claims that he got funding for his project (i think having to do with high-temperature superconductors, because he gave me a free sample plus some liquid nitrogen to show it off at my high school) by strongly suggesting that its primary function was for railguns.

  3. DigitalAxis

    …to seek out new life and new civilizations, and blow the mother-loving crap out of them.

  4. Chief

    Wow, sell the JWST with a gun to get funding and you take care of potential impact bodies before they are a issue. Two birds with one stone, so to speak.

  5. Cindy

    A “gun”. Uh huh. Is that what Mrs. BA says? Nudge nudge wink wink

    (referring to a photo taken for a skepchick calendar of a certain astronomer posing with his telescope strategically placed)

  6. Somebody else wrote a book?

  7. Zorak

    SMBCs featuring Phil may become confusing if Louis C.K. ever starts wearing glasses.

  8. Infinite123Lifer

    Holy Halinka DigitalAxis! :)

    For Chief:

    Something tells me the government would rather fire said gun AT Earth, rather than using it to save Earth. National Defense would undoubtedly think they just killed 3 birds with 1 stone, with the telescope itself being the little chick.

  9. ggremlin

    How to a start a new Conspiracy Theory:
    1. Start a simple but expensive space project.
    2. Add “gun” to get funding.
    3 Write comic about the humor in this.
    4. Ask question “Isn’t that how all space projects get funded”?
    5. Profit!

  10. Infinite123Lifer

    Not saying protecting oneself is a bad thing. Just an unfortunate consequence of being alive i suppose.

    How to end a new Conspiracy Threory:

    1. Listen to conspiracy
    2. Check into the facts
    3. Have a discussion if possible to reason with said conspirators
    4. Point new ray gun aboard telescope at said conspirators and FIRE!

  11. Infinite123Lifer

    5. End Conspiracy Theory

  12. Joseph G
  13. Infinite123Lifer
  14. ggremlin

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