Texas talks OF DEATH

By Phil Plait | November 11, 2011 12:00 pm

I’ll be giving my "Death from the Skies!" twice in Texas next week:

1) First, I’ll be speaking at Rice University in Houston on November 14th at 4:00 p.m. in Herzstein Hall’s amphitheater, then

2) I’ll be at the University of Texas – Pan American on November 15th for a 7:00 p.m. talk at the Student Union Theater. The UTPA event requires registration, so sign up! [Update: another page about the UTPA talk is here.]

The talk is about asteroid and comet impacts, and how one could ruin your whole day. I know there are BABloggees in Texas — you guys come out of the wordwork when I write about The Lone Star State — so come on by!


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  1. Joe

    Rats.. saw UT…then I saw @Pan AM

  2. John Sandlin

    Yeah, you can’t get much more South Texas than that…. and it’s a very long drive from here. UT Austin is a quick drive of about an hour. UTPA is a weekend trip.

    Have a great trip, Phil!


  3. BigMak

    At least you’ll be on University property and thus, protected by the high energy force shields that keep the Texas stupidity out.

  4. Dammit why does Texas have to be so darn BIG

  5. Ron Schoenberg

    Would you consider adding some discussion about what would happen if a big one hit the moon? If a sufficiently big one hit the moon just right could it cause its orbit to spiral slowly towards th earth? Even simply moving its orbit in a ways could seriously aggravate tides and maybe even increase earthquake activity.

  6. Be careful that they don’t boo you for stating scientifically established facts. They sometimes have problems with that stuff down there in Texas… ūüėČ

  7. artbot

    Hopefully the person who introduces you won’t preface your talk with, “And here to explain one of the many ways God will punish sinners is Phil Plait.”

  8. Jeff

    I have to say, I am positively squealing about this talk. Especially since my college’s (read as: dorm’s) motto is “Mors de Super”.

  9. Oh, cool, Rice is right down the road. I’ll be there. If I bring my copy of Death from the Skies, will you be able to sign it? ūüėÄ

  10. Angel

    I was hoping you’d be at UT *Arlington*… Houston and UT PanAm are both really far away. You’d be closer to me in Oklahoma or Louisiana.

  11. George

    Enjoy the Valley. The folks there are nice.

    BBQ – Rudys on Nolana just off Hwy 281. (cream corn is great)
    Steaks (upscale) – Santa Fe Steak House and Cantina. (Just S. on 10th street in Mcallen)
    Steaks (quaint) – Old Edinburg Livestock barn
    Seafood – (Nothing better than Red Lobster unless you go to S. Padre Island)
    Mexican – No place is bad down there.

    General hangout : Shopping area on 83 north of McAllen. Great chain restraunts, big Barnes & Noble, etc.

    There is a cool looking planetarium at a high school on Hwy 83 in Mercedes(?).

  12. Victoria

    I’m a PhD student here at Rice who attended UTPA as an undergraduate. I am absolutely delighted that you will be here and can’t wait! PS: You will not be “booed” at Rice or at UTPA. Looking forward to seeing you. ūüėÄ

  13. Chris

    Texas NOT Doomed. (Yet)

  14. Jess Tauber

    You’re lucky to be going down there now- I went during giant alien mosquito season. You haven’t lived until you’ve been chased indoors by these things.

  15. Ohio Mike

    Despite my user name, I’m in Texas…sadly too far away and too short of notice to come. Come to San Antonio or Austin, BA!

    (Cheers to Chris, post #13!)

  16. Meskine

    Just south of Texarkana here. Sadly, I’d be closer to your lectures if I was on an asteroid hurtling toward Earth with deadly intentions.

  17. VinceRN

    Texas? You should be speaking in Washington, maybe at UW.

    But since everyone is dissing Texas, remember that Texas is very nearly the home of the space program.

    Johnson Space Center
    UTA is pretty well regarded as an aerospace engineering school.
    UTMB Aerospace Medicine – one of the few places doctors can study thins field.

    Sure there are some wackos in Texas, but I don’t think there are more wackos per capita there then we have here in Washington, or in that other Washington. The fact that our wackos here in Washington vote the same way you do doesn’t make them any less wacko.

    You shouldn’t define a state by it’s wackos. Except California. And maybe Georgia.

  18. shawn

    Don’t forget the speed limit is 70 at night but the signs still say 65.

  19. I’ll add I’ll be at SXSW in Austin next year, and I lived in Houston for a summer. :)

  20. You ever make it to eastern Washington/north Idaho? I would love to have you talk to our club some time next year.

  21. You ever make it to eastern Washington/north Idaho? I would love to have you talk to our club some time next year.

  22. solitha

    Drat, drat, drat. I don’t wake up till an hour after you’ll be starting at UH, and my husband doesn’t get home till shortly after I wake up.

    Drat you day owls.

  23. Scott Rivers

    Enjoy your stay, Mr. Plait, and sample some of the local cuisine when you can. And don’t worry about us – we’ve got our sciencey types here, too. But nonetheless, we’ll treat you right. :)

  24. Eric

    You really should drop by Fort Worth and visit TCU — we have a few UVA alumns on faculty in various departments, including Astronomy.

  25. Phil,
    I hope to come out to Rice and see your talk! I have a couple questions:

    Will you have time for book signing?

    Are you hanging around town afterwards or do you have to hit the road right away? there are some great places to get a drink in “Rice Village” and it would be awesome if you went to hang out with your fans in a more casual setting, TAM style.

    – Ben H.
    Mission Control, Houston, TX

  26. Bonnie

    I was completely stocked when I got the circulating email at UTPA! Here’s to hoping you’ll be sticking around to sign a few copies of Death from the Skies? :D? I’ve also been encouraging my students to attend as a handful are interested about the extent of writing in the sciences. I can’t wait!

  27. danny

    someone please connect me with HOW to register for the UTPA event. I will go, but where/how to register. Thanks.

  28. come to Iceland and talk some astronomical DEATH there, We relly need some of that!! :)

  29. Brian Barringer

    I’m skipping calculus to come see you, but it’ll be worth it. It’s a test review day, but I have an A right now and the prof drops the lowest grade.

  30. Drat. Would love to get to Rice, but the 4PM thing means I’ll be chained to my desk on the NW side of town, slaving away in the CAD mines to make shiny subsea ROV tools. An engineer’s work is never done (’cause they pile more on you just as soon as they think you might finish one project… ūüėČ )

  31. Arizona State University could use a good dose of science realism!

  32. Travis Brown

    Hey Phil,
    Thanks for coming down and doing the talk at Rice. It was way more awesome than I expected, and I really love what you are doing. I teach high school physics and my students grades are lower than they should be because we spend too much time talking about black holes, supernovas, giant killer asteroids and all sorts of things. I’d be lying if I said I haven’t taught over a dozen lessons with info straight from the blog…. Thanks a lot for doing such a great job bringing science to the masses and promoting critical thinking!

    P.S: I want to apologize on behalf of everyone for how weird it got after the talk during the Q&A.. Not all Texans are THAT crazy…

  33. Phil,
    Thanks for your fun and enthusiastic talk! I am really glad you visited Houston and am grateful to you and Rice University for putting the lecture on for free (not to mention the reception after. Free wine, what?). You were very graceful when dealing with some of our local crazies who spoke up during Q&A. I was impressed how you handled them. I think you are a great advocate for science, space exploration, and rational thought. I hope you stick around the blogosphere for a long time!

    Anyone who doubts Phil’s sincerity or pure awesomeness needs to see him talk or hang out with him in person!

    Thanks again,
    – Ben H.
    Mission Control, Houston, TX

  34. Everyone is excited at UTPA for your talk! Hopefully you can stick around after for our night observing session! See you tomorrow!

  35. You should come to North Carolina! wink wink


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