Slash the Bad Astronomer!

By Phil Plait | November 18, 2011 2:30 pm

OK, don’t slash me. But I have been Slashdotted!

Slashdot is one of the biggest news aggregators/social networks on the web, where users link to interesting stuff they find, and others can leave comments. They also do interviews, kinda: they line up an interviewee, people leave questions, and then the interviewee answers them en masse. They asked me to do this a few weeks ago, and now my responses are up at Slashdot!

This was a lot of fun. The questions were pretty varied, from JWST (of course!) to where we should be sending probes to look for extraterrestrial life. I tried to keep my answers relatively short but still give folks something to think about. It’s an interesting exercise, trying to do this all in one shot. I found myself thinking pretty hard about how to respond, and then, later, how to best ice down my aching wrists from typing so much. I wish I could’ve answered all the questions, but I’d probably have fatal carpal tunnel syndrome if I had.

My thanks to everyone at /, and to Tim Lord for setting this all up.

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