Moral and philosophical ponderings upon year's end

By Phil Plait | December 31, 2011 7:00 am

… are something you won’t be getting from me with this post.

Instead, here’s a video of George Hrab and me watching a shark balloon at Dragon*Con earlier this year.

Because why not?


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  1. pete

    Did you and George compare scars?

  2. Tara Li

    Wow! Two posts of utter randomness in a row. I mean, shark balloon watching – seriously? At DRAGON*CON??? There had to have been *something* better to do.

  3. Lynn Wilhelm

    These were big hits at the toy store where I worked before the holiday.

  4. Daniel J. Andrews

    “We’re going to need a bigger con”. ? ? :) heh.

    I bought one of those for my nephew (he’s 8 or 9 now) for Christmas. He might get it by March–they work like homing pigeons, right? Actually I’m too cheap to ship gifts by mail so we usually ship gifts with the first family member who heads that way.

  5. Christine P.

    I need to get me one of those to lurk in the lobby of our apartment building and freak out any kids who get too noisy. Mwuahahahahaha! >:-)

  6. Pete Jackson

    Just think, somewhere in this vast Universe containing hundreds of billions of galaxies, each with trillions of stars, most having planets; there is a convention of intelligent sharks looking up at human balloon floating on the water. How is that for moral and philosophical pondering?

  7. kurt_eh

    Next year’s floating shark cosplay: 1/2 of a sonic screwdriver hanging out of its mouth!

  8. Stuart Coleman

    That’s an Air Swimmer, and my buddy from college invented them! Really fun, I bet your kids would love one.

  9. xmundt

    @ Tara Li – I have seen some of the costumes at DragonCon, and, frankly, people watching is one of the better activities there!
    As for the swimming balloon critter…now all we have to do is put together some light-weight sensors and a microcomputer and make it autonomous. I could even justify this from a scientific standpoint, as it would be an interesting way to send “rovers” to Saturn or Jupiter…..
    Have a great 2012 – may it be better than 2011!
    dave mundt

  10. Mchl

    Looks more like tuna to me.

  11. Bill

    This was no filking accident!

  12. Rick G

    My sister gave her daughter one of these for Christmas. They’re incredibly fun.

  13. JB of Brisbane

    Can’t wait for one of these to turn up in the latest “Conclusive Proof Of UFOs” YouTube vid.

  14. John Paradox



  15. Messier Tidy Upper

    Neat toy there! 8)

    Be good – in a devilish sense of the word – trick to take to the beach and pretend its evolved to chase flying fish! ūüėČ

  16. I set a story at Dragon*Con, but wasn’t able to personally attend. If I’d known about you, George Hrab and the shark balloon, I would have included them.

  17. qbsmd

    @15 Assuming it can swim upstream in a gentle breeze. You may have to settle for terrorizing an indoor pool.

  18. Keith Bowden

    My nephew got one of those for Christmas! It’s amazing to watch. It reminds me of the old book The Shark In the Window, aka The Shark In Charlie’s Window.


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