Nerdist + Boulder + … me!

By Phil Plait | January 12, 2012 1:15 pm

If you read my blog (and you’d better accept that as an axiom) then you have probably heard of Chris Hardwick. His podcast, Nerdist, is a monstrous juggernaut of podcasty geekiness, for one thing. And he’s been on Craig Ferguson’s show, and Conan, and Chelsea Lately, and a bunch of others. He wrote a book on how being a nerd can make your life better. Chris is something of a Doctor Who fan — proof, you want? — and so he and I have significant overlap in our lives. We met at Comic Con a couple of years ago, but we haven’t managed to get together since then.

But all that will change on Friday, March 2, when Chris will be bringing the Nerdist podcast here to Boulder, live at the Boulder Theater!

Chris and his co-hosts Jonah Ray and Matt Mira will be on stage making the nerdery in my fair town, and — wait for it, waaaiiittt for ittttt — Chris has invited me to be his guest.

I don’t know what we’ll be talking about, but I’m sure it will cover these topics at the least: the Doctor, growing up geeky, astronomy, w00tstock, space travel, the Mythbusters, zombies, and which of us wants to run off with River Song more. Probably pretty much in that order.

I feel obligated to note that if you’re not familiar with Chris’s podcast, it might be possible that it should be considered just ever so slightly NSFW. Or maybe a lot. Just so’s you know.

Tickets are on sale now! If you’re in the area come on by… and face it, if you’re reading this blog and you know who Chris is you have nothing else to do on a Friday night anyway.

P.S. If you’re not around Boulder, the Nerdist Podcast Live is going to be at a bunch of other towns as well, so look for one near you.


Comments (7)

  1. Booo, no trip to Boston.

  2. Dean

    Who wants to run off with River Song? Any true geek would rather run off with the TARDIS!

  3. Jeff Fite

    “Biting is like kissing–only there’s a winner!” Yeah. That.

  4. Smitty

    SQUEEE! Nerdgasim…

    I really don’t know what else to say other than that. I really don’t.

    Ever since they had Neil DeGrasse Tyson on their show (and appeared on his as well) I have been hoping that the stars would line up (HA!) just right to make it possible for you to be able to grace them with your presence.

    For the rest of you, if you don’t listen to the Nerdist… what are you still reading this comment for? Go subscribe! A perfect show for Phil to be a guest on. Phil is right, it is just a scosche NSFW. Um, yeah just a bit.

    (If you pay attention to the show, you can tell that they are on the skeptical side too. TAM has come up in more than one podcast and I think that Chris may attend one in the future.)

    I regret that I won’t be there in person, but it will get posted as an audio podcast so we will still get to listen.


  5. Gendels Dad

    His characterization of Rory (in a comercial) as the Kenny of Doctor Who earned me as a fan.

  6. Kristy

    My nerd worlds are colliding! Can’t wait :)

  7. Andromeda

    Really, who wouldn’t want to run off with River Song?


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