Caturday phase change

By Phil Plait | January 21, 2012 7:00 am

As a scientist, I can guarantee that the closest a solid object can be to a liquid state is a cat snoozing on a staircase in the sunshine.

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  1. Wzrd1

    Relaxed cats are well known to NOT be a true solid, but more of a gel. :)

  2. I have a pug that does that exact same thing. Sunshine pug = 100% less viscous than sunshine cat.

  3. cletus

    [singing] It was subli-maaaaaa-tion, I know…… [/singing]

  4. jackwagon
  5. rosemary lafollette

    and then there are the dogs of various persuasions who go into snooze/comatose states in front of the wood stove.

  6. @Wzrd1: It’s a very volatile gel, though, as anyone coming down the stairs without looking where they’re stepping will quickly learn :)

    I wish we could post images. We could have a “Solid, Liquid, or Cat?” thread ūüėÄ

  7. Thopter

    When you mentioned it on twitter earlier without the photo, I was imagining the cat slumped over several steps, not lying on just one.

  8. @Thopter My cat (also a maine coon like BA’s) does that – she’ll slump over anything. This is a rare picture of liqui-cat grace instead of drunken frat-boy style draping.

  9. leona

    My cat sleeps on me at night. No matter how I roll over, she always stays right side up. She’s like a hot water bottle filled with Jell-O.

  10. Kevin Eldredge

    Perhaps..the cat will go into sublimation and skip the liqued state?

  11. BAP

    In addition to two cats who frequently adopt liquid and gel forms, I also have a recently adopted, geriatric Shih Tzu who, upon being lifted into the air, assumes liquid form. Said senior citizen has been dropped more than a few times by unsuspecting but well-meaning caretakers. It’s like picking up a watermelon to discover that you’ve picked up a balloon disguised as a watermelon that’s really filled with liquid.
    Two hands, people, always use two hands when dealing with potentially liquid animals.

  12. @9Leona: Haha, awesome. I wish my cats did that. My old cat always slept on my bed, but he was an old geezer who needed the heat (he was at least 21 when he died). I think my two current cats are too young and pudgy to need any body heat :)

    @ 10 Miss Cellania: I love it ūüėÄ

  13. grandma shirley

    Cats are definitely a gel when sleeping in the sun or on a person’s body. I’ve always called it the boneless cat.

  14. larch

    so if Mr S’s cat is inside a box on the stairs in sunlight, what state is it in?

  15. Mick

    Cat people… You can’t escape them on the internet. I got linked here from a physics news website, imagine my surprise…

  16. I had a cat, now deceased, who used to amuse us by sleeping on the sofa, then waking up and POURing himself off the edge headfirst, and walking away. Like a furry waterfall.


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