I'm giving a talk at Eastern Michigan University Feb. 15

By Phil Plait | February 8, 2012 11:08 am

Hey, guess where I’ll be?

Yeah, there. Well, a little to the left of that big blob. Ypsilanti, Michigan, to be exact. On February 15th I’m giving my "Death from the Skies!" talk at Eastern Michigan University at 7:00 p.m. It’s free, so if you’re in the area drop on by! I lived in Ann Arbor for three years, so it’ll be cool to head back there.

And if you live in the Bethlehem PA area, I’ll be at Geroge Hrab’s concert a few days later! And then the live Nerdist podcast in Boulder March 2, and then SXSW on March 12th, and more stuff coming too.

Geez, I need to post a calendar. OK, I’ll put that on my list. If only I had a calendar to remind me…

Tip o’ the spacesuit visor to Fragile Oasis for the picture, which was taken on the ISS on January 30, 2012, because I assume the astronauts were excited that I’d be there. Credit: Image Science and Analysis Laboratory, NASA-Johnson Space Center. "The Gateway to Astronaut Photography of Earth."

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Comments (25)

  1. Pete Jackson

    A couple of comments on the excellent night-view image you have.

    It clearly shows the effect of clouds on night views where Milwaukee is in the clear and Chicago is under clouds.

    And the western end of Lake Ontario is often called the “Golden Horseshoe” because a lot of Canada’s industrial development is concentrated there, and it sure looks like a horseshoe in this image!

  2. JHGRedekop

    I’m in the big blob one lake over to the right. It looks so close in the photo… Unfortunately, it’s far enough that I won’t be able to bike over and see your talk. Growf.

  3. Have Fun, Phil. I went to MSU and always regretted that it was in East Lansing and not Ann Arbor.
    I guess you’ll miss out on Neil’s performance here at Macky’s Auditorium (click on “my” website for info) on that same evening…
    Cheers, Regner

  4. Hey Phil, If you’re going to be around in the area for a bit, you know have some extra time to kill, feel free to drop me a line and I can throw together an Ann Arbor Science and Skeptics get-together at a restaurant or bar for you! Our treat!

    Looking forward to coming out and hearing your “Death From the Skies” talk!

    ~ Chris

  5. Jeff

    1- that is a good observation of golden horseshoe. I wonder if I am seeing the elevation difference between L Ont and L Erie on the south part of that horseshoe, representing the Niagara escarpment/Niagara falls. Maybe.

  6. Tim H

    Now I’m really bummed. I live in Flint, just 60 miles away, and I can’t make it. :(

    I would love to see your presentation!

  7. Tezcatlipoca

    I have jury duty in Lansing that week so hopefully I will be out by 5pm and I can make it to Ypsi. I look forward to the presentation.

    Regner…Sacriledge!!! (A2 does have better eateries and it takes half the time to get to Detroit…)

  8. Awesome! I live and work in the Ann Arbor area (came here for grad school at UM and never left). If you need a recommendation for the best place to grab a beer in Ypsi, let me know. (by the way, it’s a tossup between the Corner Brewery and the Sidetrack.)

  9. If your schedule isn’t too tight, you’re more than welcome to come down the road to see what we’ve done to Angell Hall. Although if you want to look through a ‘scope, I’d stick with Sherzer. EMU has sensible lighting.

  10. Tezcatlipoca
  11. Hagar the huron

    i’m class of 92 (Putnam Hall 4ever) and a proud member of the California Bowl team from 87…best thing about Ypsi you ask.

    Michigan Ave into A2…lol.

  12. chief

    Phil. send a tweet to the ISS crew and see if any of them are regular readers of this blog. Be interesting to hear from the watchers in the sky.

  13. Combat Astronomer

    Damn, I go to Western Michigan University and I would LOVE to attend. Unfortunately, I have an Intermediate GIS class at almost the exact same time… Perhaps I can convince the professor that this is related to Georelational Databases.. LOL If I’m lucky though, I’ll see ya there Dr. Plait!

  14. John

    I chuckled heartily when I realized that Eastern Michigan University is EMU.

  15. 357 mi, 6 hours 21 mins I-94 E from my home in Waukesha, WI according to Google Maps. (shortest of three options)

  16. Ira

    Yay, my Alma mater! One of the nicest telescopes in Michigan (in sadly some of the worst skies), and I believe they may even have their Radio Scope up now.

    My advisor there is who turned me on to you many years ago, and who I’m guessing may have been instrumental in bringing you there. So say hi to Dr. Koehn for me. Pretty bummed that I can’t come down to see you speak!

  17. LionDancer

    I’m sorry Phil, but I hate you. I was born in Ypsilanti, I grew up in Willis and I live in Ann Arbor…sorta. For the last four years I’ve had to work in Augusta, GA, which means there is no way I’ll be able to see you in Ypsi and so I hate you.
    I can only hope some day I’ll be able to meet you and listen to you talk as you sound to be a interesting fellow. One plus of working in Augusta, GA (actually Grovetown, GA) on the midnight shift is I’ve been able to revisit the sky that I used to look at a lot when I was younger. It sure hasn’t changed, but I wish I had that 8″ I help my friend grind.
    And for some amazing food go to Zingerman’s Roadhouse.

  18. Scott P.

    You had to pick the week I am giving a lecture out of state, didn’t you?

  19. Phil, I’ve been reading BA for over ten years now, and never left a comment til now. I work in the film industry but astronomy has been an interest since I was a kid, and your site has taught me a lot about our universe over the years. I graduated from U of M in 08 and am currently living in Detroit, so I’ll definitely be in Ypsi for the talk! Looking forward to it.

    You know, the similarities between filmmaking and astronomy would surprise you. For example, we also use advanced optics to look at stars….

  20. Jay

    LionDancer @ 18

    Sorry you can’t be there. I’m excited that the BA is visiting my alma mater.

    I remember that scope. I wish Richard could be there, too. :-(

  21. Zerlix

    Where at EMU? Convocation Center?

  22. Alica

    So happy you’re coming to the Ann Arbor/Ypsi area :)

  23. Scott Moore

    Just got back from your talk in front of 250+ of southeastern Michigan’s finest! Great job! Thoroughly enjoyed your talk. I had read Death already but I needed to see “the great man” in action. You did not disappoint. Thanks for making the trek back to Michigan.


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