Will I be at SXSW? You bet your asteroid I will!

By Phil Plait | March 9, 2012 9:40 am

Speaking of asteroids (three times, actually), I’m heading down to Austin, Texas to attend SXSW this weekend! I’m really excited, since I’ve wanted to go for a long time now.

But it’s not all fun and games: I’m on a panel about asteroid impacts and doomsday nonsense called 2012: You Bet Your Asteroid the World Won’t End. I’ll be talking about random 2012 doomsday stuff, NASA asteroid expert Don Yeomans will be talking about the real threat of impacts, and JPL’s Veronica McGregor will discuss how they’re trying to stave off hysteria (she runs the @AsteroidWatch Twitter feed).

This should be fun, as well as informative. And I plan on really soaking up as much of SXSW and Austin as I can. I’ve been to the town many times, and I love it. It’ll be weird to see it so crowded, but I know it’ll be a blast. I know a lot of friends will be there too. Any BABloggees planning on dropping by the panel?

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  1. awesome! as an austin resident, this is the time of year i loathe living here. however, i’d love to actually attend this. is this a badge/wrist band affair? or is anyone allowed to attend the talk? good luck, as it’s going to be really messy this year. the festival is too big for the city at this point.

  2. Besomyka

    Oh, man, I wish I could go. I’m in town, but my project is in ‘crunch’ and I don’t have any free time. I’ll keep tabs on the blog and twitter, though!

    If you haven’t been here in a year or two, then the food scene has changed a bit (and being down town at SX, you have access to a LOT of it!). If you’d like suggestions, let me/us know. Hope you have fun!

  3. kuoirad

    IIRC, you’re leaving Monday (I’m the guy who invited you to the nuclear taco feed on g+) – while it gets crowded for SXSWi, it’s *nothing* like how bad it gets during Music later in the week…

    Had I a badge, I would try and make the panel. But I’ll be working as usual during the panel – in the Astronomy Department at UT. :)

  4. Greg in Austin

    Technically I have to work on Monday, plus I don’t have a pass for SX, but I hate to miss it… Maybe I can disguise myself as waiter and sneak in thru the kitchen!

    Hope you have a blast while you are here. If you need a tour guide to any of the seedier bars, let me know!


  5. Larry

    As a Texan and Austinite: ¬°Bienvenidos a Tejas!

  6. ElWampa

    This is awesome news! I am just a little sad that I will be working and did not have advanced news of this. I really wish I could attend so I could see this panel.

    Hopefully someone will post video. ūüėÄ

  7. bjorn

    @matt : I hear dallas has plenty of spacious highways and tall fences so that you don’t have to see other people, why don’t you try it out?

    SXSW is my favorite week of the year, people watching, interesting talks/films/bands and more free food and drink than anyone could possibly consume.


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