Faster than light Brains on Vacation

By Phil Plait | March 13, 2012 11:04 am

Every month (or so), astronomer Seth Shostak rings me up and we talk about some topic relevant to skepticism for his radio show, "Are We Alone". This month, we talked FTL neutrinos. That is, the latest news in the faster-than-light neutrinos saga.

If you want the background info, you can find it in the Related Posts section below.

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Comments (7)

  1. They changed the name to “Big Picture Science.”

  2. Keith Bowden

    What Squiddy said… :)

  3. I have to admit, I like the program’s new name a lot better. Seth & company talk a lot about science and skepticism in general, not just astronomy and SETI in particular. I think “Big Picture Science” captures the spirit and purpose of the program a lot better than “Are We Alone?” does.

  4. Enrique Ayala

    I think this program is very important for the human race

  5. Monkey

    BPS is, I say again, one of the best there is out there. Top notch.

  6. Peter Davey

    I don’t know if this has reached the American press, but there are reports in the British press today, concerning Russians plans to “commemorate” the 60th anniversary of the Apollo landing by sending their own astronauts to the Moon.

    Perhaps this may bring the term “space race” back in popular usage, and concentrate American public opinion on astronautics again.

  7. Valdis Kletnieks

    @Peter Davey: Given that the Russians already have a human-rated launch capacity and we don’t, and the current obstructionist climate in Washington DC, I don’t see a space race between Russia and the US developing.

    Russia versus SpaceX however… Hmmm….


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