TED talks now on Netflix… including mine

By Phil Plait | March 15, 2012 1:54 pm

I just got a press release that the folks behind the TED conference have partnered with Netflix, and many of the TED talks will now be available through the online video server. That’s pretty cool!

Even cooler: my own TED talk, "How to Defend Earth from Asteroids" is one of their initial offerings! They packaged a few space talks, including mine, along with talks by Brian Cox, Carolyn Porco (that one is a must-see), Jill Tarter, and many others. There are also packages about health, biology, computers, and more.

If you are a Netflix subscriber these talks are free. I’ll note they’re all online at the TED site as well, but this may open up the talks to a bigger audience, which I think is just fine. I have Netflix, and found them easily by searching on "TED" (duh).

Not only that, but TED has a new initiative for education called TED-Ed: Lessons Worth Sharing. These are short, great educational lessons that fit well inside established classroom curricula. There are lots of such things available, of course, but these are hand-picked and will augment a teacher’s lessons. I think this is a cool idea, since TED already has a trusted brand and a wide audience. Just to be clear, there lessons are online, not on Netflix like the big talks.

If you don’t have Netflix, well, like I said you can find these talks on the TED website. And because why not, here’s mine. Enjoy:

[You may need to refresh the page to get the video to load.]

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Comments (13)

  1. Shatners Basoon
  2. Cindy

    Thanks for highlighting this. I can see how some of the topics might come in handy for my classes and I’ve spread the word to my colleagues.

  3. I recommend Netflix search “ted talks” instead of just “ted.”

  4. RAF

    WOAH!! This is evidence that coincidence actually exists….I just “independently” found the TED talks on netflix, and am watching it (as I post) on my big screen (hey, I worked for it) TV…and it’s in HD. :)

    Oh, on a side note….nice appearence on the Ferguson show, Phil…it’s my favorite show, and I could tell by Craig’s “reaction” to you, that you will be on again…congratualtions. :)

  5. RAF

    Actually…I’ve been meaning to post that X-Box has loads of “stuff”, via the youtube app that posters here might be interested in…just search for “Phil Plait”, and enjoy….

  6. Steve Metzler

    I really enjoyed Death from the Skies, but this is like having the essence of that whole book condensed into 10 minutes. BA, that was awesome!

  7. Autumn
  8. charles222

    Heh, pretty cool. Netflix always seems big on science stuff.

  9. That was highly educational and a really engaging talk. ( You might have unintentionally offended a few Trekkies though, haha. ) :]

    Love to hear more TED talks from you.

  10. eddie

    This is great. Thanks, Phil. Love seeing this kind of stuff on a platform like Netflix.

  11. ChuckVonDerAhe

    Phil, you are correct about Carolyn Porco. All of her stuff is a “must see”… even with the sound turned off it’s fantastic :-) . Loves me some CP!

  12. Jesse Burling

    Thank god for Ted talks I look forward to and hope to see more of the same material from Netflix !


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