Faith and begaurora

By Phil Plait | March 18, 2012 7:00 am

Yesterday was St. Patrick’s Day, a holiday in the US traditionally celebrated by wearing green and drinking too much. In that spirit, how about a nice, soothing time lapse video of green aurora?

This video was made by Mark Ellis (who did the wonderful "My Soul" time lapse video I put up a while back) on a freezing cold night in northern Minnesota after the big March 7 solar foofooraw.

Some of the spinning scenes of stars may not qualm the upset tummies out there post-festivities, but it probably also doesn’t help to think of the vast energies and quantum mechanics playing out over your head every day as our whirling planet geodynamically interacts with the wind from the Sun screaming across the solar system at million of kilometers per hour, either.

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Comments (6)

  1. mark

    Yesterday was St. Patrick’s Day, a holiday in the US traditionally celebrated by wearing green and drinking too much.

    I never could understand why people would want to create permanent cumulative damage to their brains through drinking. I thought when I went into the sciences I would find people who valued their little grey cells. Nope. They’re as drug addicted as the rest, and their carcinogen-loaded fix is more important than keeping brain damage to a minimum.

    And while I’m being cranky regarding addicts…coffee drinkers…gah, I hate doing field work with coffee addicts. Always have to stop to get a coffee, can’t start without their coffee, have to keep stopping to relieve their bladder, need to get back early so they can have a coffee (and something stronger usually), go into a coffee store for a bite to eat and your clothing and hair stink of stale coffee. We’re late getting out because they have to finish their coffee, and then they have to stop to get a coffee for the road because they’ll be without their drug for maybe 3, even 4 hours. Make them skip one coffee and they go into withdrawal, shut down, can’t work properly, make mistakes, get head-aches, become intolerable, panhandle on the streets for coffee money (no, wait, that’s the heroin addicts…..meh, same thing…)

    Then at field camps there are the people who need a specific brand of their drug so they get up early and grind the beans waking everyone else with the noise. Or they get up with everyone else and then we have to wait for them as they fall behind grinding beans. Or they’re not capable of getting out of bed without an IV-coffee drip so they sleep in and put us behind…and seem oblivious to the fact we’re waiting for them so still take time to grind their beans—which then gets the other addicts drooling and they figure they may as well grab another coffee before they go… much productive time lost to drug addicts who don’t see themselves as drug addicts, or if they are one of the rare honest ones, don’t think it is not a problem because “everyone else does it”.

    Hey! Darn kids, get off my lawn!! (may as well stay in cranky character mode). :)

  2. Gary Ansorge


    Gary 7

  3. Georg

    St Patrick came from Englad, what else than binge drinkink
    could he bring to the Irish? (Who first were very reluctant…)

  4. Rebecca Chambers

    @ Georg

    St Patrick was a tax collector from Roman Britannia, roughly from the area of modern day wales not England.

  5. Chris A.

    @mark (#1):
    My goodness, you ARE cranky! Haven’t you had your coffee this morning? 😉

  6. mike burkhart

    Hey I”m half Irish ( mothers side ) and I don’t drink except during comunion in Church . I’m also part German (fathers side) and they drink a lot during the Octoberfest . As for coffie yes I drink it if I did’nt I could not get going in the Morning , and keep warm during the winter wile stargazing in the frezzing cold .The picture is grate.


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