Paradise above and below

By Phil Plait | March 18, 2012 12:59 pm

Speaking of Mark Ellis, he also sent me this ethereal, unearthly photo he took of the conjunction of Venus and Jupiter as he was on a beach in Maui:

[Click to enappulsenate.]

I love how the clouds are smeared out a bit, but the stars — and planets! — are solid and sharp. Venus and Jupiter are pulling apart now, but it’s still worth taking a look over the next few days. They’re still well over the horizon for most people even when the sky is full-on dark, and Venus is so bright it’s almost unbelievable.

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Comments (13)

  1. John ward

    Well done what an awesome photo, I love it

  2. Well, that’s just a tasty piece of eye/brain/soul candy right there. Thank you for that :)

  3. Justin

    Is it me or are the Pleiades really popping in this pic (unintentional alliteration)?!

  4. JellySock

    Oh wow… The night sky does not look like that from Canton, Ohio..
    right by the football HOF- I’d much rather see that sky:-( Thank you so much for posting it, Phil.

  5. Erp

    Finally got to see it last night (we’ve had almost week of rain and 100% cloud cover [at least in the evenings]).

  6. kat wagner

    I looked at this photo and thought oh wow, the ocean and sky and if I lived when neanderthals lived, what would I think about this view? The same thing I thought now – oh, what a wonder! Would you just look at that!

  7. Nigel Depledge

    A gorgeous photo. Thanks for sharing, Phil.

  8. Pete UK

    Well, good for you, Mark, but I’m not bitter: I’ve got a nice shot over the rooftops of Slough ….


  9. Love the photo. It’s now the wallpaper on my Galaxy Tab. It seems fitting.

  10. Zippy the Pinhead

    What has struck me following Venus and Jupiter for a few months now is the dramatic (relative) change in position you can see from day to day.

  11. Lucas C

    This was taken from Maui? Come on, Phil, you missed a golden opportunity to say “Holy Haleakala!”

    It’s a great picture. Thanks for sharing.

  12. Hanndeled

    Crabnebula move over, this sweet photo is also on my desk top. Nice exposure time :)

  13. Matt B.

    On Easter, as I was driving home, I saw an airplane pass right in front of Venus.

    And then, last Friday night, also while driving home, I saw an airplane pass right in front of Aldebaran. I had to pull over to figure out which star it was and accidentally discovered a decently dark area.

    So I can’t believe I had to wait years to see a plane pass in front of the Moon.


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