Galactic arch over the conjunction

By Phil Plait | March 19, 2012 1:04 pm

I was going to stop posting pictures of last week’s conjunction of Venus and Jupiter (see Related Posts below for more), but then photographer Brad Goldpaint went and sent me this ridiculously incredible shot:

You absolutely must click to embiggen that; I had to shrink it to fit the blog here. Brad took this just a few days ago at Smith Rock State Park located in Terrebonne, Oregon. It’s actually a mosaic of nine separate photographs, stitched together to show the grand scene. Venus and Jupiter are obvious enough (Venus is the brighter of the two, above Jupiter) but, as usual in Brad’s pictures, the real scene-stealer is the Milky Way. Usually, the Milky Way is a stream across the sky, but in this mosaic appears curved (that happens when you try to map large straight objects that take up a lot of sky into a rectangular picture frame).

You might see some familiar things if you look closely: on the left is Orion, tilted a bit, and all the way to the left is bright Sirius. Just above the planets are the Pleiades, and the head of Taurus to the left of that. Just to the right of the top of the Milky Way is bright yellow Capella, and farther down to the right the W of Cassiopeia.

What else do you see?

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  1. Mejilan

    *right-click, save as*
    Perfect example of my favorite category of photography.
    Truly a stunner!

  2. Keith Bowden

    Holy Haleakala.

  3. I concur with the two previous posts.

  4. Russell Bateman

    Some amazing photos very talented eye number 16 on Brads site is my favorite Milkyway + snow covered mountains,+puffy black clouds=WOW

  5. The Bobs

    The linked photo is only slightly larger than your version, so I give it a big meh.

  6. Runi Sørensen

    No full resolution photo it seems :-/

  7. Kate Ebneter

    Hey, Phil, this is the latest of serveral recent really nice pictures that don’t, however, enbiggenate when clicked on but rather take the viewer to a photographer’s site — where the viewer can’t download the image, even at the reduced size, and may be asked to pay for a copy.

    I’ve got nothing against astrophotographers trying to make a buck from their stunning images, but it’d be nice to be warned. :-(


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