The Sun decided to blow off a little steam today. Twice.

By Phil Plait | March 23, 2012 4:20 pm

Today, the Sun had two relatively minor — but quite cool-looking — events. One was a prominence eruption, where a loop of ionized gas is lifted from the Sun’s surface and is ejected into space, and the other an M1 class flare on the Sun’s edge. Neither will affect us here on Earth, but are interesting to watch.

Camilla Corona SDO — the Solar Dynamics Observatory’s unofficial official mascot — posted a nice video of the two eruptions:

The sunspot region that blew off that small flare is on the edge of the Sun rotating toward us right now, so if they continue to be active, we might see some fun flares and aurorae from them. Stay tuned!

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Comments (5)

  1. Michael

    I love how the music is nice and sweet. It actually should be death metal or something given the chaotic nature of the events.

  2. Messier Tidy Upper

    Camilla Corona SDO — the Solar Dynamics Observatory’s unofficial official mascot

    Official SDO mascot? Whoah. Awesome gig if you can get it – does she have to wear a suit? 😉

    Seems to be the case judging by the avatar (is that what you call ’em? Think so.) Looks like its the same person (?) who runs the “little” SDO’s Youtube channel. Good work. :-)

    Very tranquil and serene music for such violent high-energy solar eruptions but it works for me. :-)

  3. Maxwell Albritten

    For some reason a statement about the the sun doing something “today” strikes me as odd.

  4. Gary Ansorge

    3 Maxwell

    Actually,,,it was last night,,,or, one could say,,,on the Sun, it’s always day,,,

    As a jazz percussionist, I’m not particularly fond of chamber music but the pics were great,,

    Gary 7

  5. Matt B.

    And how many people understand why Camilla is a chicken? (Does she also drink Mexican beer?)


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