A land not too far away… I don't know. Maybe it was Utah.

By Phil Plait | April 26, 2012 10:03 am

Do you live in Utah? Near Logan?

Then come see me destroy the world Friday night! I’m giving my "Death from the Skies!" talk at Utah State University at 7:00 p.m. on April 27 (tomorrow). I’ll be in Room 130 of the Emmert Auditorium. It’s open to the public and admission is free.

Yes, free. It costs nothing to wipe out life on Earth via asteroid impact.

This is part of USU’s Science Unwrapped lecture series, a pretty cool idea where they have themed talks during the year. They’ve been doing apocalypses, which is great! I’m sorry I missed the ones on zombies and supervolcanoes, actually. Those are two of my favorites. Someone should combine them. "Super Zombie Volcanoes from Planet X!" I would totally watch that movie.

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  1. Brett

    Blargh. I live down in Salt Lake City – come visit us soon too!

  2. If you live close, I definitely recommend it. I went and saw Phil in Michigan a couple months back, and it was an informative and funny talk.

  3. Darren

    The zombie one was INCREDIBLE. I do believe you would have enjoyed it Phil. I am extremely excited about seeing you tomorrow. Science Unwrapped is a great lecture series, and I highly encourage everyone to come!

  4. Chris

    Well SyFy just had “Alien Tornado”, so somehow I think you just pitched the next movie.

  5. DrJubal

    Bah! Please give us more notice next time! Would’ve loved to come up (from SLC) for that.

  6. Scott

    You also need to come to Columbus, OH.

  7. I heard you were at UNH (University of No Homework, or University of New Hampshire, take your pick) recently and didn’t tell anyone. Is the restraining order so broad against me that you can’t tell anyone in the state I live in that you are coming? ūüėÄ

    I do want to hear this presentation though.

  8. Mike B

    I’m seconding the “Come to SLC sometime!” plea, and also giving you kudos for the Raising Arizona reference in the title. Well played, sir, well played.

  9. Conan

    +1 for Raising Arizona reference.

  10. Carol

    Went to the USU web site [Utah State University] to see if the talks were available on-line.
    Possibly could your discussion be seen though a link from here?

  11. Stan9fromouterspace

    Conan, you beat me to it. Plus, O Brother was just on last night, reminding me of the unmitigated mastery that is Tim Blake Nelson:
    “What’s a brain trust?”
    “Well, now, that means we’re gonna be the power behind the throne, so to speak.”

    “…Well – all right…”

  12. Bob O`Bob

    Zombies on Planet X use Volcano powered cannons to pelt the Earth with Asteroids!

  13. Safford Jedi

    Hey Phil, you might want to consider visiting Safford, Arizona some time. As you probably know, this is a little astronomy mecca, with incredibly clear skies, observatories on Mt. Graham and an observatory/visitor center in town where you could give a talk like this. It also has an incredible concentration of churches and Mormon temples, and desperately needs other cosmic points of view such as yours. Finally, if all that isn’t enough, I am working on founding a real Jedi order here in town. At the risk of sounding atheistically incorrect, may the Force be with you…

  14. Zyggy

    Utah is a lot further away than it looks on a map ūüėČ

    …I’m thinking it’s actually another planet. It’s at least a foreign country.

    But since I’m there, and you never seem to get closer, I’ll do my level best to get there.


  15. Jefe Loco

    Gack, Phil, I say gack. You need to swap “USU” with “BSU” and come to Boise, Idaho instead.

  16. Howard

    I’ve been going to most of these lectures all semester, I’ll be looking forward to seeing your lecture on Friday!

  17. Mike

    Excited to see you come to USU!

  18. kat wagner

    Jefe Loco you beat me to it. I was gonna say, Phil, when you’re done in Utah, c’mon up here to Idaho and stay for the Mackay rodeo.

  19. missy

    very excited that you are coming to Logan!

  20. Another Eric

    Please let me know if you ever come to Cornell University =0)

  21. dcsohl

    I have nothing to say, just wholehearted agreement with Conan@9 and Stan9fromouterspace@11…

  22. Ken Z

    Thanks for the ‘Raising Arizona’ reference!! That’s one of the few movie lines that literally made me ROFL.
    Ken Z

  23. NutMeg

    Have fun in Logan. That’s where I graduated from. Gorgeous town and the people aren’t too obnoxiously Mormon. Although get out of there before Sunday, the whole place shuts down.
    I need to second whoever said come to Boise, ID. I keep lobbying for every group i’m part of to send you an invite. Hopefully BSU or one of the science centers will get their act together and get a proper invite out to you.

  24. Hey, Salt Lakers,
    Word on the street is that Phil will be in Salt Lake City next year (2013) to help the Clark Planetarium celebrate a milestone. So, stay tuned to their website: http://clarkplanetarium.org/

    Speaking of tuning in: Tune in tonight to KSL-TV, Channel 5 for an interview with Phil at the USU Observatory with reporter John Hollenhorst.

  25. Mike

    Thanks for coming to USU, my wife (normally bored with science stuff) totally enjoyed it!

  26. Eric

    AAIIIIEeeeee I was in Logan today on business and didn’t see this until well outside the light-cone, when making it would have violated causality and pissed Einstein and everybody off (pounds head on wall).

    If you’re heading back through Salt Lake City tomorrow, can I get you to autograph my telescope?

    (resumes head-pounding)

  27. Josh

    I went to this presentation, and I must say, Phil is an amazing presenter. His ability to get the crowd laughing, and follow the science is excellent. We need more science ambassadors like him. Way to go Phil!


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