Medium, well done

By Phil Plait | April 28, 2012 8:18 am

My friends at Skeptics’ Guide to the Universe put together a nice little video lambasting psychics. Stay with it; it’s pretty funny. Some NSFW gestures, I’ll note.

Took me a second to recognize the guy at the very end, which in itself is pretty funny. I’ll leave it to you. You may recognize various other people in it too.

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  1. funkmon

    I swear, if Geo grew a goatee, you, he, and Richard Wiseman would NOT be distinguishable.

  2. Chris

    Now we know, ghosts are real and mediums are real, but the reason we don’t believe mediums is because ghosts are f__king with them. Makes perfect sense.

  3. Al Cibiades

    You had me going there for a while…I thought you had photo-enhanced the Passing On show with real spectres from the other side…..NOT!

    Beautifully done!

  4. Bob Worthy

    On many of your articles videos show up, not as you apparently intend, but as Sikhote-Alin Meteorite Documentary. A lot of them. I get the url below:

    I’m using firefox on ubuntu 8.04, but frequently updated. Am i the only one seeing this abberation?

  5. Jay29

    @funkmon, Indistinguishable, but distinguished!

  6. James Evans

    Hmmm, I never realized they produced/are producing many scripted videos. What will those wacky Novella boys think of next?

  7. chief

    Correct, Well Done.

    This was funny. Thumbs up to all those involved.

    Guess if these guys went on the road, there would have to be a sequel to Sixth Sense, as Bruce Willis would find all his work undone with these “ghost’s” calling the shots.

  8. MadScientist

    I’ll have to thank Steve Novella and family for that one – now why didn’t I hear about it from him?

  9. julianpenrod

    Motivated by only craven self-interest, the low and malignant, it has been observed, often tend, in the absence of any real opposition, or the presence of significant approval from the dull-witted, to drastically overstep their bounds and even start hinting at their true agenda. Phil Plait’s personal intro under the “Bad Astronomy” byline touts him as a skeptic, then he says, illiterately, “I likes reality the way it is, and I aims to keep it that way”. Reality supposedly doesn’t change, but the perception of it does. Plait is saying that, even if an alteration to the present interpretation of the world is warranted, he will do everything to prevent it! And, it seems, he is saying, too, that, if reality did change, he will do eveyrthing to keep at least his devotees from realizing it.

  10. Messier Tidy Upper

    Yep that clip was pretty funny & nicely done. :-)

    Bit of a tangeant here but this reminds me of the old joke :

    Why is television called a medium?

    Because it is neither rare nor well done! ūüėČ

    Which I guess could be seen as a bit harsh on those occassional good TV shows but, yeah, generally true for a lot of what’s on the box.

    Especially so for those dreadful TV “pyschics” shows which really seem pretty awful and exploitative and rubbish to me. :-(

  11. Chris2

    Could someone please pull the one meter long steel rod from Mr. Penrod’s posterior? It is making him even less coherent, and has turned his sense of humor setting into unstable coordinates.

  12. Stargazer
  13. oldebabe

    Phil, have you shared this with the I. I. G. -west? That is at the Center for Inquiry, in Hollywood…

  14. ND


    “Plait is saying that, even if an alteration to the present interpretation of the world is warranted, he will do everything to prevent it! And, it seems, he is saying, too, that, if reality did change, he will do eveyrthing to keep at least his devotees from realizing it.”

    Do you have any evidence to bind your accusation to reality? Can you give us an example?

    You seem to have rambled on and made an interpretation of a sentence but you haven’t made it clear what exactly your beef is. Something, somewhere upset you somehow.

  15. haversham

    Thats some classy facial hair Steve Novella is rocking.

  16. julianpenrod (9): LOL, whut?

  17. DennyMo

    The recent reprints of Calvin and Hobbes had a great arc about Calvin and astrology. Reminded me of BA as I was reading them.
    It starts here and goes on for almost 10 strips:

  18. Digitalaxis

    I’ll feed the troll just this once, because I’d like to have this statement to point back to (and my own blog’s not up and running yet)

    julianpenrod: You seem to have confused denialist with skeptic. They may look extremely similar most of the time, but the critical thing about a skeptic is that they are open to changing their minds, and being wrong; their minds have not been made up. They CAN change if there’s evidence that their previous worldview is wrong. As an active skeptic, a former research scientist, and a past president of the James Randi Educational Foundation, Phil should understand this more than most.

    There are admittedly enormous societal and psychological pressures that resist change- if you’ve put an enormous investment of time, emotion and street cred into an idea, you won’t abandon it easily… but you’re basing your entire condemnation of Phil Plait on one sentence in his bio? To me, the fact that sentence alone is grammatically incorrect means IT’S A JOKE. Phil frequently deals with people who insist our worldview needs to be rearranged in provably unrealistic and nonsensical ways, to them he IS keeping it this way.

  19. mike burkhart

    I study slight of had magic and can tell you how psychic tricks are done , the magican has a partner and the two of them have a code of certian words that they use to decribe the object or a persons name and amaze people when he or she guesses right .As for seeing into the future, the grate scifi writer Jules Vern wrote “From the Earth to the Moon ” in witch men lift off in a craft called the Cloumbad from Florida , Apollo 11 took of from Cape Canevrail (off the coast of Florida) and the CSM was called the Cloumba . Did Vern see the future? No because his methiod of launch was to build a big gun and shoot the craft to the Moon (I’m sure this idea never ocured to NASA) . The simular names were just a luckey guess. Often times after an event people claim to have vison of it before like Jean Dixon claimed to have had a vison of the Kenedy assination years before it happened Funny she made this claim in the 70s long after it happened and after 9/11 people came out of the woodword claiming to have a vison it would happed the fact that they make these claims after the event makes them not creidtable.

  20. Brian Too

    @9. julianpenrod,

    There must be some corner of the Internet that would be appropriate for your obsessions. This isn’t it. Please go away.

  21. It’s been two days, so I’m labeling julianpenrod as a hit-and-run troll. Don’t bother commenting any more on his comment; he’s marked as spam.

  22. ND

    Too bad. We coulda had ourselves some fun. (read with Scottish accent, much more fun that way).

  23. Minos

    No, I totally didn’t recognize “Tripp Johnson” with hair.


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