I'm giving a public talk in Boulder, Colorado on May 12!

By Phil Plait | May 1, 2012 12:00 pm

On Saturday, May 12, I’m giving a public talk at Boulder High School in Boulder, Colorado!

The talk is "10 Amazing Facts About Our Solar System", and if I’m in a good mood I may throw in a couple of extra facts (technically, I should call it "10 ± 2 Amazing Facts About Our Solar System" but I think that would scare away all but the math geeks). It’s a fun talk that lives up to the title. I expect I’ll have one or two things in there you haven’t heard before, too. I’m pretty sneaky that way.

Boulder is my hometown, so I’m really pleased to be doing this. I like doing local stuff, and this is a benefit for the school: although admission is free, a suggested donation of $8 for adults and $5 for kids will be happily accepted at the door. Proceeds go to the school’s Parent Advisory Council and the Beautify Boulder High project. The PAC does great stuff all year round, including funding a lot of projects at the school and organizing parents to do volunteer work for the school. It’s a good group.

The talk starts at 7:00 p.m., and afterward there will be a star party outside! The folks from the Boulder Astronomy and Space Society will be on hand with telescopes, and we’ll be looking at Venus (if it’s still up), Mars, Saturn, and a few deep sky objects like star clusters. I’ll be on hand to answer questions and talk more astronomy, too.

So if you’re anywhere near Boulder, please come! It’s a fun talk (really, the single greatest talk you’ll ever attend, I hear) and it’s for a good cause. I hope to see you there!

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Comments (10)

  1. artbot

    Hopefully you won’t suffer the same fate as Bill Nye did in Texas when he told them the moon doesn’t produce its own light.

  2. Chris

    Disclaimer: Depending how knowledgeable you are about astronomy, some of these facts may or may not amaze you.

  3. AbsoluteXyro

    Shouldn’t that be 11 ± 1 Amazing Facts About Our Solar System?

  4. Gonzo

    Oh Phil, come to Chicago, please.

  5. Tiffany

    Luckyyyy, come to Dallas! More specifically Irving!

  6. Mephane

    @artbot: I did not know that particular incident. What did happen there?

    @Phil: For those unable to attend personally (I suppose if everyone who would like to do indeed come, there won’t be a sufficiently large room at this school, heh), will there be a recording and/or write-up of your own? I am certainly not the only one now curious what those 10+-2 facts are, or what questions the kids and parents will ask (and what your answers will be)… :)

  7. Lars

    Shouldn’t that be 11 ± 1 Amazing Facts About Our Solar System?

    I was thinking the same thing. But since I’m not a math geek, I’ll just accept Phil’s version without question. Nah, just kidding. Well?

  8. Chris

    @7 Lars

    He said he’d throw in extra if he was in a good mood, so maybe if he’s in a bad mood he’ll take some away.

  9. lqd

    Is that a VELVET suit, Phil? Or am I just overtired from last night’s stargazing?

    I didn’t know you like to esconse yourself in velvet…



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