Today is National "Ask For Permission In A Polite And Fancy Way" Day

By Phil Plait | May 1, 2012 10:30 am

This isn’t a well-known holiday, but today is actually the national "Ask For Permission In A Polite And Fancy Way" Day.

The premise is simple: today only, if you need to ask a favor, just do so in a polite and fancy way:

This PSA brought to you by the Polite and Fancy Society.


Comments (16)

  1. Mark

    What you did there… 1 see it…

  2. omeoide

    One could actually go two ways with that – “May I?” or “May one?” – even fancier!

  3. Eva

    In Europe (where the date is written day-month-year), today is ‘Indesicion About Future Plans’ Day.

  4. BaronGrim

    Internationally today must be “Answer in a Polite and Fancy Manner” day.

    1 May.

  5. Grizzly

    Better than what we’ll have to endure on Friday.

  6. Hard Worker

    Actually, it’s Labor Day.

    “May 1st is the only truly universal day of all humanity, the only day when all histories and all geographies, all languages and all religions and cultures of the world coincide. But in the United States, May 1st is a day like any other. On that day, people work normally and no one, or almost no one, remembers that the rights of the working class did not spring whole from the ear of a goat, or from the hand of God or the boss.”

    – Eduardo Galeano, Uruguayan journalist and historian.

  7. Daviticus

    …and America-Hater. (And apparently Canada-Hater too, since we also celebrate Labo[u]r Day in September!)

  8. Messier Tidy Upper

    Sadly, its already the second of May here in Oz. :-(

    Perhaps, my good sir, you may be prevailed upon to invent some manner of temporal perambulation device whereby we might travail ourselves in some reverse chronological motion whereupon disembarking prior to this date of embarkation transmit notice through this wondrously interconnecting electronic artificial computing device* the tidings of this fine and benevolent occassion prior to its occurrence throughout all the lands of Earth ensuring its globe wide felicity and joyousness? 😉

    Or more mundanely and less fantastically remember the aforesaid when this pleasing day doth be scheduled for the following year(s)? 😉


    * It is a fact little known and seldom remarked upon that the original meaning of the word computer was a human being who computed and crunched numbers inperson as it where.

  9. Messier Tidy Upper

    @ ^ and also V : I beg everyone ‘s pardon and forebearence for any typographical variants from the usual and commonly held to be correct ordering of lettering patterns occuring in my previous and current postings. I humbly ask consideration be granted to the prospect vaguely held in mind that my archaic language predates any agreed upon correctness of spellings which were established in common only with the invention of the dictionary. 😉

  10. VinceRN

    Here in the Seattle area we are enjoying the irony of this. There hasn’t been a lot of polite and fancy today, nor much in the way of spring rituals.

  11. Tim Gaede

    What is March 4th? Is it national “Take Initiative Day”?

  12. izzygumbo

    fancy that…

  13. Stargazer

    Plus, workers’ rights

  14. Alpha

    @Daviticus, actually May 1st is taken as the International Worker’s Day on more than 80 countries.
    Perhaps that’s what “Hard Worker” meant to say.
    Not sure if that makes him an “America” hater, which also would involve him hating all the other countries that make part of the American Continent 😀
    I believe nobody that usually reads this blog would be such a narrow minded to limit themselves to look at “political” boundaries and frontiers when we are, all the time, looking out there, as a small piece of dust suspended in the Universe. 😉
    Happy Labour Day and Happy May I day too 😀

  15. Juan Manuel

    And a day to remember the martyrs of Chicago.

  16. Zoey

    Jonathan Coulton cites a slightly different method by which the first of May is traditionally celebrated. Though, to be fair, this could easily be the immediate precursor to the festivities he describes.


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