xkcd is the very model of a modern major science grad

By Phil Plait | May 7, 2012 9:00 am

Hmmmm… the astronomer in today’s xkcd comic looks familiar, even as a stick figure.

At least he didn’t draw me as a zombie. But I’m no Feynman.

And hey, together with SMBC I think this makes me king of the four-letter comics. I mean, um. Well.

[N.B. And yes, it really is me, I got word from The Man himself. Funny how a minimalist drawing with some context invokes recognition; I’ve been getting notes from people all morning.]



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Comments (25)

  1. Aerimus

    Ha. Just finished reading it right before check the BA Blog and was thinking the same thing!

  2. Carlos Chiquete

    This is particular interesting since the likeness is the very model of a astronomy professor in my mind. Check

  3. Carlos Chiquete

    This is particular interesting since the likeness is the very model of a astronomy professor in my mind. Check any particular faculty website. You’ll see.

  4. Chris

    You can never shave your beard or get contacts. You’d be like Abe Lincoln without the hat.

  5. And someone has already recorded it and put it on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gu1VhsNOwPU

  6. Feynman

    Yeah. You’re no Feynman.

  7. Neeneko


    Damn it! Now I want to see Phil in a stovepipe hat….

  8. tjm220

    I also read it this morning and immediately wondered if it was supposed to be the BA.

  9. jason

    I thought the same thing. I try not to ever miss XKCD.

  10. aliaras

    I’m sure there’s some science to be done on what the minimal set of features necessary for recognition is, but I’m not sure how I’d design the experiment. It’d definitely be interesting.

  11. Handwasher

    Stick figure art looks good on you, Phil!

  12. Frank J. Perricone

    Don’t forget sci-ence.org! http://sci-ence.org/night-of-the-super-moon/ (What were you saying about zombies?)

  13. Christine P.
  14. Chris

    I can’t wait for the singalong YouTube version.

  15. When I saw that panel, I knew! :) I figured your hordes of followers would notify you.

  16. Jackie

    I recognized you immediately this morning.

  17. Steve (treelobsters)

    Stick-figure you looks a lot like stick-figure Terry Pratchett.

  18. Am I the only one who can’t help continuing to read all these comments to the tune of the song?

  19. vic

    Thanks for the confirmation. At first I thought it was you, but then based on the minimalism of the stick figure I decided it was probably the power of suggestion based on the caption.

    Sometimes over-analysis is not a good thing.

  20. tmac57

    Ok,sing this comment to…well,you’ll know:

    “Phil’s so vain…he’ll probably think this comic’s about him” 😉

    (Just teasing Phil.) Love you B.A.!

  21. PayasYouStargaze

    I knew it was you. Who else could it be?

  22. I first saw this comic earlier today as a video – this crazy guy, er, I mean, online musical friend of mine actually SANG the comic. It’s actually not as bad as the idea sounds. You’ll see the “Cringing Astronomer” comment linking (kinda sorta) back here!
    The extra-special Youtube URL:

  23. While driving home from our last high-power rocket launch of the season on Saturday, I heard you on NPR. Way cool! I even thought the sarcastic tone (of the whole “Super Moon” piece, not you) was just right. So what’s the big deal that everone seemed to pick up on this?

    – Jack

  24. Sam Regenbogen

    My xenoscience studies range from urban to agrarian
    I am the very model of a scientist Salarian

  25. Once cartoonists realize you’re a good sport, word spreads like wildfire. Hoping I started a trend of seeing Pamela, Alan, and Sean in more comics 😉


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