Felicia makes my Day

By Phil Plait | May 8, 2012 8:30 am

I realized today that I have never really directly promoted Felicia Day’s new YouTube Channel, Geek and Sundry. If you don’t know who Felicia is, then a) what are you doing on the internet, and 2) seriously, what are you doing on the internet?

Felicia is an actor, producer, writer, funny person, dork, and all-around cool person. I can’t remember if I first saw her on Doctor Horrible, where she played Penny, or on The Guild, a massively (and deservedly so) successful web comedy series she essentially created herself out of thin air (well, with the awesometastic Kim Evey too, hi Kim! [waves]).

She decided that spending 23.9 hours per day working wasn’t enough, so she started up Geek and Sundry to highlight geek stuff. The channel has several shows on it, including the on-air book club Sword and Laser, and Wil Wheaton’s gaming show Table Top. She has her own short show called The Flog, where honestly it’s just her being adorable, which is apparently in her DNA. I’ve been watching them and they’re great… so imagine my surprise when I got to the 46 second mark of this week’s episode:

Oh my. No humorously false braggadocio here, folks: that’s just plain cool.

Thanks Felicia!

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Comments (23)

  1. Gary Ansorge

    Felicia IS adorable. She also makes one heck of a foxy scientist (Eureka).

    Looking forward to her next on screen ventures.

    Gary 7

  2. As if there weren’t enough reasons to envy you, sir. :-)

  3. HP

    Given the ubiquity of Rule 34, I’m not sure that a Nerd Idol like Felicia Day should advertise that she wears her jeans until they turn “a bit funky.” Unless she’s looking for a new revenue stream.

  4. Steve (treelobsters)

    I saw that! Awesome! Did you get a noticeable increase in traffic?

    I’ve been watching The Flog since day one – definitely my favorite show on G&S. I can only hope that one day, she’ll mention Tree Lobsters on the show …or Mad Art Lab …or Death By Puppets. Y’know anything, really…

  5. Phil, stop cuddling up next to my girl!…I saw her first! (on Buffy the Vampire Slayer)


  6. Gary Ansorge

    2. HP

    Rule 34? That was so arcane(for an old duffer) I had to Google it. So, what are the other 33 rules???

    Gary 7

  7. deirdrebeth

    @Gary – there are waaaay more than 34 (sadly), but most of them are trolls :-)


  8. DiscordianStooge

    Gary, here are some of them. (WARNING: TvTropes link – Do not click if you have things that need to get done today)


  9. Is there a URL for an RSS feed for comments on this blog?

  10. My wife has given me permission to leave her for Felicia. <3 Heck, I think my wife would leave me for Felicia! She's just that all around cute, adorable, and in all ways awesome.

    (What?! Another restraining order?!)

  11. magetoo

    Blimey, I’m joining the dirigible corps!

    Philip, if there were a comment feed, it would presumably be listed on the Discover feed page – and there doesn’t seem to be anything like that there. So it seems the answer is no.

  12. Stan9fromouterspace

    Phil, for once you have let us down. Your post today is hopelessly inaccurate.
    “Adorable” doesn’t cover half of it.

  13. artbot

    “Scratches her girly itch”…… ಠ_ಠ

  14. antiavenger

    I saw that and I was thinking just how much squee you were going to react with. It is with much squee, I see.

    And seriously, that woman makes geek men swoon like women from the 60’s swooned for The Beatles. I know I’ve done that before.

  15. Phillip, actually there is a link to an rss feed for the comments, though it is only respective to each post.

    It is located right there, beneath the social media buttons:

    “May 8th, 2012 8:30 AM Tags: Felicia Day, Geek and Sundry, The Flog
    by Phil Plait in Cool stuff, Geekery, Humor, TV/Movies | 14 comments | RSS feed | Trackback”

    That RSS Feed refers to comments on this post (I checked).


  16. cosmo_steve

    Since when did Phil have fangs?

  17. Chris2

    Gary Ansorges:

    Felicia IS adorable. She also makes one heck of a foxy scientist (Eureka).

    And even though it is the end of the series, I am very unhappy about what happened to her character!

  18. Susan

    Felicia is why I’ve come to read and subscribe to your blog. Felicia (and Cubby) are mega-uber-adorable.

  19. Chris2

    I just remembered something about steampunk: they are really cool folks! The Museum of History and Industry (MOHAI) in Seattle had a wonderful street clock from Carroll’s jewellery store near its entrance. Some burglars came in the dead of night and stripped all of its mechanisms. The local steampunk groups raised the funds and had it restored.

  20. Greetings and Salutations;
    Indeed, Ms. Day plays some quite cheerfully strange characters. I think she would work well as a recurring character on “The Big Bang Theory” .
    I am sorry that Eureka has finished off, alas, as that quirky collection of odd personalities worked pretty well together. I can see, though, how hard it would be to keep up the manic pace.
    Considering the number of loose ends left in that final episode that I could see the opportunity for a number of movies….
    Pleasant dreams

  21. Jim

    You should all check this out (featuring Felicia – some of you might have already seen this)… http://madartlab.com/2011/03/03/putting-homeopathy-into-perspective/

  22. “Phillip, actually there is a link to an rss feed for the comments, though it is only respective to each post.”

    Right; I want one for all comments, preferably on which says “comment on blabla by foobar” (WordPress has this) and not the first words of the comment (Blogspot). Many blogs have a feed for all comments.

    I’m making progress. If I’m lucky, in a couple of years my blog-reading will be as feature-full as reading usenet with a 20-year-old character-cell newsreader (which I do every day, so I realize how primitive blogs are by comparison).

  23. One Eyed Jack


    Did you noticed that you have fangs in that picture? With the added hearts above your head, I’m having a very bad Twilight moment (as if there were another kind).


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