Time and Relative Dimensions IN ROCK

By Phil Plait | May 11, 2012 3:17 pm

Holy. Wow.

If you’re a Doctor Who fan, watch this.

I don’t care if you like this kind of music or not; that kind of instrumental mastery* is astonishing to watch. And while I like metal, I love the Doctor Who music, so the two together?

Allons-y and Geronimo!

Tip o’ the sonic to Buzzfeed.

* Haha. "Mastery". Get it? Don’t ever try to outnerd me. I will exterminate you.

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Comments (35)

  1. J.P.

    This is amazing! Loved it!

  2. Chris

    I’d listen to heavy metal if they played like this.

  3. Catalyst23

    Damn you Phil Plait, damn you to the depths of hell. Didn’t you know I had other things to do today besides watching guitar bad assery? Jerk. Oh well, I guess my laundry can wait one more day, right? Right? Hey, why’s everyone walking away from me?

    Also, I like metal too, and so must ask, who’s your favorites?

  4. dbltapp
  5. Pete

    I totally heard the title to your post in Jack Black’s voice. Or Jeremy Clarkson. I’ll get my coat.

  6. Lab Rat Jason

    It’s amazing what you can do in your mom’s basement!

  7. Jason A.

    Chris #2: There are whole genre’s of metal that play music like this. Reminded me of Dream Theater, maybe you should try them?

  8. JP Silver

    Metal is cool.

  9. Renee Marie Jones

    The RIAA and the copyright hawk in Congress call this theft and want it stamped out.

    At the beginning of the 20’th century people sat on their front porches or sat in their parlours and sang. Now they call it theft everytime your phone rings. Culture consists only of what the big media giants can package and sell. Your only right is to sit back and listen to what they tell you to listen to, and fork over any sum of money they demand.

    It is so sad. When will people wake up and demand that culture be something more than a profit center for billionaires?

  10. MKS


    My favourite of these things is from Craig Ferguson’s show


  11. Messier Tidy Upper

    That. Was. Awesome. ūüėÄ

  12. Grand Lunar

    I vote for this to be the next new theme title music. :)

  13. @ ^ Grand Lunar : Seconded by me.

    BTW. For comparison and muse on how it well it fits the Dr Who themes – all of them – can be found in the clip linked to my name. Love the music and show. :-)

  14. Phil, have you heard Traffic Experiment’s brilliant cover/reimagining? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eRm8qmM-DTg

    “We’ve always been massive fans of the original piece of music and after debating ‘what if Pink Floyd actually covered the Doctor Who Theme’ (rather than just the One of These Days… references to it), and having watched the brilliant clip of Peter Howell recreating his version at the BBC, decided we’d do our own take on it.”

  15. skreidle (16): Wow. Thanks for letting me know about that. Very, very cool!

  16. I am a HUGE fan of Eric Calderone’s metal interpretations of, well, just about everything. He is an amazing young artist. Here’s his take on

    Lord of the Rings

    Star Wars

    Game of Thrones

  17. Derek

    Phil! Sure wish you’d taken my advice last fall and seen the Silver Creek High School marching show. They’re local to you up in Boulder, and your mind woulda been blown!

    (Link on Youtube Here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YXF9rg41Crs )

  18. DrFlimmer

    @ Grand Lunar:

    Yeah, I second that, too! I actually thought the same. A ROCK intro to Doctor Who would actually, well, rock!

  19. phil,
    incredible music, and this from the guy who thinks RUSH is the best thing to come from canada besides beer:) if you like this, check out SONATA ARTICA…they will blow you away:)

  20. Ryan S

    Orbital’s “Doctor Who” is the best version period.

  21. blavag

    Spoo..but pretty good spoo.

  22. Naomi

    Starting out with the theme – awesome. Heading into the Eleventh Doctor’s theme – AMAZING.

    And Hairy Buddah, thanks for the links! I love Star Wars and Lord of the Rings too – and Zelda!

  23. John Sandlin

    That is totally awesome. It even got me all wibbly-wobbly* on the Middle 8.

    * Technical Time-Lord terminology. You’d need to be from Gallifrey for that to translate correctly.


  24. “Mastery”? “Outnerd”? Oh, cry me a River, I’ve heard it all before. It’s just another Song. And a Mickey (Mouse) version at that. Though, I suppose, it was pretty good. I’m already Jonesing for his next version. I’m glad you Rose to the occasion, but I Donna think you can outnerd a professional nerd as myself.

    I’m feeling spent. Sarah Doctor in the house?

  25. Kenneth Polit

    Wow! Just…WOW! That was the most awesome thing I’ve heard in a long time. Thank you for posting this.

  26. Scott Rivers

    As a metalhead myself, I can attest to this guy’s utterly insane amount of talent. He’s metallicized dozens upon dozens of geeky works, and if you liked this, you should really check out his other stuff; it’s quite excellent.

  27. Keith Bowden


  28. Brian Too

    Personal faves:

    Linkin Park (tho’ more than a bit uneven)

    Of course that’s all more recent stuff. There’s lots of good older material too.

  29. Steve Metzler

    As a somewhat accomplished guitarist myself (I played for 30-odd years before packing it in to pursue other interests), I’d have to rate that as all kinds of awesome that I could not even approach in my heydays.

    But I also very much liked the piano piece the BA posted several months ago. Now where is it… oh yeah, here:

    I am the Piano Doctor Man

  30. Nigel Depledge

    Most excellent!

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