Nyan Cat origin story

By Phil Plait | June 2, 2012 8:00 am

At first, Nyan Cat got off to a rocky start.

[While I hate to explain jokes, this one may be obscure to some readers. To prevent the inevitable flood of WTH comments, go here and here.]

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Comments (18)

  1. Naked Bunny with a Whip

    That is one red wall. Wow.

  2. Pete

    You have, no doubt, discovered how to drive cats nuts by reflecting sunlight onto a ceiling, wall, or floor and keeping it just beyond their reach as they try to chase it. A wrist-watch lens makes a fine reflector for this purpose. Keeps the patch of light small enough to make the cats think it won’t eat them first. 😉

  3. Did Nyan Cat aspire to be, or just become?

  4. Gary Ansorge

    Cats are almost as funny as North Carolina Politicians…


    …now if only those Pols were as easy to amuse(“Shine the laser in front of them dear. They’re too stupid to look behind themselves.”)

    Gary 7

  5. Chris

    Your cat is laughing on the inside…
    while secretly planning your demise.

  6. With a laser pointer you can actually make the cat climb the wall.

  7. Yet more proof that
    I am not aware of all internet traditions.

  8. Guysmiley

    So… FLOOFY! I love how Maine Coons will do that ‘my tail giant is a foot blanket’ thing.

  9. I once spent a rather magical night in a tent with a girl called Nyan-Nyan. So, thanks for bringing up that memory.

  10. kat wagner

    I just read the back story and listened to the music clip. How in the world did I miss that? So, love the rainbow on the RED wall.

  11. Chris

    75 million people have seen Nyan Cat on youtube. I was not one of them.

  12. MrPeach

    Hey, where’s the pop-tart?

  13. Dragonchild

    Altogether now:
    ニャニャニャニャニャニャニャニャニャニャニャニャニャニャニャニャニャニャニャニャニャニャニャニャニャニャニャニャニャニャニャニャニャニャニャニャニャニャニャ. . .

  14. timbebinder

    Thank you! You have appeased the Caturday gremlin for another week. Your crops shall receive rain.

  15. Cathy

    Don’t forget to check out the remixes. I think the best mashup is Jacksnyan Five Cat.

  16. One Eyed Jack

    No More Nyan Cat!!!!!

  17. RJG

    Are you sure that shouldn’t be Cyan Nat?


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