Timescapes 4k: a time lapse of super hi-res beauty

By Phil Plait | June 3, 2012 7:00 am

Listen, I don’t usually hawk stuff on this blog. When I do urge you to give up your hard-earned lucre, I only link to stuff that I really like, and from people I really support.

Having said that: go buy this video.

Tom Lowe is an amazing photographer, and his time lapse videos are simply astonishing (see Related Posts at the bottom of this post). I could throw lots of words around, but why waste your time? Just watch the trailer for his new video, Timescapes 4k:

[Make that full screen and turn your speakers up.]

Stunning. Jaw-dropping. Mind-blowing. Drop-dead gorgeous. Seriously, wow.

The whole thing was shot in very hi-def (4096 x 2304 pixels) on a Red camera — I’ve seen this camera at work, and the video from it is breath-taking. Tom uses this to its full potential, creating a time lapse movie that, seriously, has set a new standard of beauty and awe for the genre.

It’s not just land and skyscapes, either. His shots of people are enthralling. I love the dancing native American — the sparks from the fire make that scene — and for some reason the rodeo dude is strangely compelling shot in slow motion. The people dancing at an outdoor concert are surreal, too.

You can order the video from Tom’s website, and it’s available on iTunes, too.

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  1. deleto

    Got my full HD copy a few hours ago, and I must say it’s stunning :-)

    I hope Tom considers something like a “world tour” for his next project… that could be amazing!

    Now, how to convince consumer electronics stores to show off their products with this instead of blocky satellite channels?

  2. There’s a nice bright geosynchronous satellite at :25 and 1:51 (if memory serves, which it doesn’t sometimes…). But only 1. I thought I might see a few others, but no. Arthur C. Clark would be proud!

  3. Outcast

    It would be beutiful if it wasn’t for those hideous windfarms…..

  4. Chris

    @2 Outcast
    I happen to think windfarms are beautiful. Much better than a coal power plant.

    Also those Red cameras are a little outside my price range.

  5. Brice Gilbert

    Wish I had a 4K monitor :(

  6. Mikey

    @ chris – if my memory serves me correctly, he didn’t just use a red. He also used Canon 5dmkII for a bunch of the Timelapse.

  7. Daffy

    Brilliant work—just stunning!

  8. RAF

    Oh, man….just amazing…

    Try it on a big screen TV….it’ll blow you away…

  9. Scott

    Anyone know who the music is from? That was spectacular!

  10. Bruce

    Small correction: most of, if not all, the time-lapse shots were done on intervalometer-controlled still cameras, Canons. See here http://www.tomguilmette.com/archives/2903 and note the cameras that are being used. Still is 4k because video is not being shot, but hi-res still frames that are merged into a video.

  11. oldtaku

    I was going to make a comment about how even a blu-ray is only 2K and heavy compression, but I see he has that option covered. Very nice. If you can afford the 4K playback system it’s probably worth the $300 for that version to show it off.

  12. the music was made by john stanfort. i was lucky enough to got an invite for the premiere screening in vegas a couple of weeks ago. was awesome to see these pictures on a big screen.

  13. Zyggy

    @6 Scott. If you click the link to buy the video , he also sells the soundtrack, it’s by a guy named John Stanford.

    Thanks for sharing this great trailer. I’ll definitely consider it.


  14. Wayne Lacina

    I am at a loss for words after watching this video.
    Such beauty as captured through a lens. It is as if seen through the eyes of God.
    I want more!

  15. bersi

    Pardon me my misanthropy, but the video would be much better without people in it.

  16. Jelle

    What is the length of the movie?

  17. Muzz

    Interesting. Even if you have a 4k screen it’d probably be better at the cinema. I hope it shows up at a festival or two.
    He would only need a 4k camera for the motion sections, incidentally. He’d want to shoot the timelapse stuff with a regular DSLR (which are usually higher than 4k res already)

  18. artbot

    I can’t find any info about the length of the movie. 10 minutes? 30 minutes? 60 minutes? Kinda makes a difference when deciding whether to purchase.

  19. deleto

    @13 Jelle, @15 artbot: The movie is 50 minutes long.

  20. Matt B.

    Ha ha. I used the same picture of Fry a while ago, except I just took a screen capture from the DVD with the subtitle. (Less work involved, and people can sort of tell it’s the actual dialogue that way.)

  21. Every frame is stunning. I bought it not just for the pictures but to support what this guy has done for all of us in opening our mind to what can be done with time-lapse.

  22. Melusine

    This looks gorgeous. I wish I had a 4K system and it would be great if it came to theaters, if not big theaters, than the Landmark (foreign and independent films) theaters.

    It reminds me of the 1982 film Koyaanisquatsi in showing nature and people’s interaction with nature in time-lapse, except this is super high resolution. I wish it were longer than 50 minutes, but given the comments above it sounds worth it even if pricey.

    Thanks, Phil, for posting this!

  23. Paul

    I agree with the misanthrope above — the scenes with people are interesting, but out of place. Particularly the girls dressed like hundred-dollar hookers at the concert — they weaken the film, and the footage should have been saved for a future human-centric project. Going from dramatic landscapes to slow-motion floozies really kills the flow.

    Even with these few awkward inclusions, a beautifully done film.


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