Bad what now?

By Phil Plait | June 8, 2012 11:50 am

I suppose this comic will make more sense if, at first, you go here.

Then here.

And then here and here and here and finally here.

I’m not saying it will make sense at that point. I’m just saying there you go.

And I think in that comic panel here I look like Mr. Burns after his weekly medical treatment.

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Comments (18)

  1. Lars

    I think you just broke Baaaad astronomer!

  2. Chris

    Actually I think your picture makes you look like the scary guy down the street we don’t want our kids near. No offense.

  3. drow

    Probably muttering something about the inclinations of Venus, IYKWIMAITYD

  4. “Bad Astrologer” indeed. That’s classic and I can *so* see a news report conflating astrology and astronomy.

  5. RJG

    Ah, more self promotion.

  6. People learning in NYC!? THE HORROR!

  7. chief

    Good one. Got it right away but then have been a follower for years.

  8. Chris

    Once when I was looking for a job, under the Astronomy heading was an ad for a cosmetology professor.

  9. Chris2

    BA Chris, that was taught in the second high school I attended. Half of the school was vocational, so we often had classmates come in with different hair colors from the cosmetology program.

    At least they did not have an ad for astrology professor.

    By the way: before going to that high school I had no idea there were career paths other than college. At first I was confused by the guy in my American History class with grease on his hands, but it turned out he was in the automotive vocational tech program, who are people I now depend on for the functioning of our vehicles.

    I value the knowledge and experience of the technical trades. While I can dye my daughter’s hair, I will not bleach it… nor will I cut it (I did that once, and even though she was just learning to read she did not like it!). Even though dear hubby is an electrical engineer I did not let him deal with live voltage to connect a stove, nor wire the house we built. He also understands after spending hours trying to install a dishwasher, for now on we hire a real plumber who takes ten minutes to do what took him half a day (okay, sometimes it is the tools, one plumber was able to deal with a very old valve connection by having a wrench that was over a meter long).

    I am also very glad for the regular maintenance work done on our almost twenty year old Toyota Corolla by those automotive technicians. I was in shock that after it was totaled by being t-boned at the rear axle in an intersection (no injuries, yay!) that the insurance company thought it was worth over $4000.

    I am a big fan of vocational education because I really really depend on those people.

  10. Jeez, Phil must have a laptop with great battery life. That and some good wilderness survival skills :)

    @8 Chris: Cosmotology – that’s the study of the cosmos, right?

  11. Nyetwerke

    Aww, the sad lost face:) Maki is awesome and thought provoking. I am reminded of something Lawrence Krauss said about variations in science and that is that we all win regardless of who composes the most supported hypothesis. In this case, science and comics are the win!

  12. Peter R

    The Prospect Park Astronomer, more illusive than Bigfoot, and much more dangerous. ‘He will teach your soul!!!’

  13. Gary Ansorge

    10. Joseph G

    Naw, the computer is just solar powered…as far as survival skills are concerned,,,squirrels are easy to barbecue…

    “You vill be educated, Yah???” (what really scares some folk is that this is NOT a request)

    “…and I do believe those shorts are for a much younger man, yah?”( I love that commercial)

    Gary 7

  14. tudza

    No, that comic makes you look more like Dr Venture to me.

  15. CR

    “…Bad Astrologer Phill Plait…”
    Ha, ha…
    I love how SERIOUS those newscasters look, too, like most real ones: overblown on hype, so that we viewers know how to react to their reports. Or something. (That’s one reason I don’t WATCH news.)

  16. mike burkhart

    Phil , this is better then being called “space freak” like I was in school. Where is this guy? we could use a lot of lerning hear in Akron Ohio our schools are in very bad shape , and some parents are sending there kids to neighboring school districs.

  17. I bring you Loooooove! (And science!)

  18. @13 Gary:
    “…and I do believe those shorts are for a much younger man, yah?”( I love that commercial)

    Heh, me too. If only all bosses were so… diplomatic.

    @14 Tudza: No, that comic makes you look more like Dr Venture to me.

    Hahaha. Now you have me imagining Phil giving the moon spiel in Dr. Venture’s irritable (well, how he always sounds) voice. 😀


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