What a dramatic sunspot!

By Phil Plait | June 14, 2012 12:07 pm

Active sunspots are pretty dramatic all by themselves, but a little over-the-top music can’t hurt.

This spot has been spitting out some low-level activity, but the Sun is tricksy. We’ll see if we get some bigger ones as this thing rotates in our direction over the next few days. Be on alert for aurorae!

[Footage by NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory]

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Comments (10)

  1. Matthew

    KSUN eyewitness news at 10 starts now.

  2. Wzrd1

    I’ll not bother looking. One law of astrophysics is, whenever something interesting is going on in the heavens, it’ll be cloudy here. :/
    Of course, that doesn’t stop me from looking up on “uninteresting” nights! ūüėÄ

  3. Chris

    I half expected the dramatic chipmunk music.

  4. Laurie Stoker

    Wow! That. Was. Awesome!!!

  5. Alex

    Completely. Badass.

  6. Stan9fromouterspace

    “Oh no! We’re going to have to finish this thing with Danny Elfman!”

  7. Tom Ogletree

    So I should set up the ETX with the solar filter

  8. Derek

    The sun wants to kill us!
    Has anyone ever written a book about how dangerous the universe is?

  9. Does anyone know what filter was used at the very end, when things get a bit greenish? I love the way it makes the corona so visible. Is that an H-alpha filter?

    @#3 Chris: Haha, my thoughts too. The “cupcake dog” also came to mind.
    See what the internet is doing to our brains? :)

  10. Matt B.

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