Will we ever live on the Moon?

By Phil Plait | June 14, 2012 9:55 am

When will we live on the Moon?

It’s a fair question. Newt Gingrich’s assininery notwithstanding, it’s worth considering carefully. While I’m pretty sure that at some future date we will have a permanent human colony on the Moon — perhaps even a thriving nation over time — the more interesting bit to me is how something like this will come to be.

So when I was asked by the BBC to write an article for their blog called "Future", as part of a series called "Will We Ever…?", the idea of humans living on the Moon seemed like a good topic. My thoughts on this are now up on their site: Will We Ever… Live on the Moon? It outlines one possible path toward a lunar base, and it’s not necessarily the only one. But given recent developments and our current circumstances, the situation I describe in that article isn’t unrealistic.

If we are to one day live on the Moon — and I do seriously think we will — this may be the way it happens. Give it a read and see if you agree!

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