Mickey Mouse MESSENGER Mercury

By Phil Plait | June 15, 2012 8:58 am

MESSENGER is a spacecraft that’s been orbiting Mercury since early 2011, sending back to Earth huge amounts of data about the tiny planet, including incredible high-resolution close-up images. It’s an amazing mission…

… but I wonder what kind of Mickey Mouse outfit would put up this kind of image for display?

[Click to enmusculate.]

Well, at least I know to whom NASA can turn if the current budget cuts get through Congress.

Image credit: NASA/Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory/Carnegie Institution of Washington

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  1. WJM

    And Mercury gets sued for copyright and trademark infringement in 3, 2, ….

  2. Having gone to Disney World many times, I know that they love hiding Mickeys everywhere and I love looking for the hidden Mickeys. But a Hidden Mickey on Mercury? I didn’t know they were *that* good!

  3. @WJM well, Mickey Mouse isn’t owned by Apple… Mercury can ease now :)

  4. Fozzie

    Mercury actually…

  5. Now we know what happened to the planet Pluto, too. Note the paw print at the lower right.

  6. RayG

    hmmm, shouldn’t that read “click to “e-mouse-culate”?

  7. Walter Merino

    Conspiracy theorists who loved the ‘Face on Mars’ will find a link to this pretty soon.

    And of course, let’s not forget the ‘Snowman on Vesta’ :-)


  8. jason

    Actually, since Mercury had those craters millions of years before disney, then perhaps NASA can sue on behalf of Mercury for infringement and fund their budget that way.

  9. Other Paul

    Werhey – they always said Walt was a bit mercurial.

  10. I’m saving this for the next time someone sees Jesus in a piece of toast.

  11. Peter Davey

    Another achievement for Disney World(s)?

  12. Matt B.

    Unfortunately, with the extra crater in the middle, it looks like Mickey after a hollow-point to the forehead. Sorry for that image.

    I’m a little confused about “enmusculate”. It sounds like it means to put muscles in something. Alternatively, “musca” is Latin for “fly”, so I can’t tell where it’s coming from. (I mean sure, proto-Germanic has “mus” for “mouse”, but then what about the “-cul-“?)

  13. Bubba

    And on an unrelated note: SOUTH KOREA – DOOMED.

  14. Keith Hearn

    The scientific name for the house mouse is Mus musculus

  15. mike burkhart

    “Whos the leader of the club thats made for you and me, MICKEY MOUSE. ” I don’t think Mercury has to worry about a lawsuit from Disney. They din’t sue Stanley Kubrick for the last sceen in “Full Metal Jacket” when the Marines are marching off at sunset sining that song.

  16. Aaron

    Wow, Disney is really taking advertising to a whole new world.

  17. Steve D

    “enmusculate?” It’s one of BA’s made up words like “embiggen.”

    From “mus,” the Latin word for mouse.

    When they find a mountain range that looks like Annette, call me.

  18. Matt B.

    @14: Ah, thanks, Keith. I guess “mus” goes all the way back to proto-Indo-European. I’ll have to look up the declension and see if it’s like “sus” for “pig”.

  19. MartyM

    Your apophenia is showing.

  20. Steve D

    Since craters on Mercury are named for great figures in the arts, calling the big one Walt Disney is wholly appropriate. Call one ear Roy Disney and the other Iwerks, after Ub Iwerks, one of Disney’s early animation creaw and co-creator of Mickey.

    As for the ill-placed crater in Mickey’s forehead, call that one Eisner.

    Oh, and for those who think “enmusculate” sounds like “muscle,” no accident. “Musculus” in Latin means “little mouse.” To see why, flex a bicep (if you can).

    I don’t know about mus musculus, but swing by my house and you can have all the peromyscus leucopus (white footed mice) you want each fall.

  21. Joel Peterson

    Undeniable proof that we have been visited by giant, extraterrestrial rodents.

  22. Anthony D.

    Come on everyone it looks more like a toddler playing with a ball. Rotate it 45° clockwise lol. Now you will never be able to see it as Mickey again. Hahahahahahaha lol

  23. Hemo_jr
  24. Neil

    I see a melting Homer Simpson face. I guess the heat is too much even for fictional characters.


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