Surreal Arctic time lapse

By Phil Plait | June 25, 2012 7:00 am

Oh, wow. We’re having a heat wave here in Boulder — which isn’t helping the fire situation — so I’m really glad I watched this time lapse video by Tor Even Mathisen. It is, quite literally, cool.

He filmed this in Troms√ł (specifically Kval√łya and Troms√łya), in northern Norway, which is apparently a mecca for aurorae (see Related Posts below). Mathisen is an editor and cameraman for Norwegian Broadcasting, and clearly has an excellent eye for the sky. He has another aurora video he shot in 2010.

This is exactly what I needed as temperatures here push 40°C. It’s nice to know that while we’re sizzling here, the atmosphere is sizzling with cold light elsewhere.

Tip o’ the parka hood to John Markus Bj√łrndalen.

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Comments (6)

  1. Ray Bellis

    Wow, that shot starting at 1:48 is jaw droppingly beautiful!

  2. Georg

    should Tromsö be better than eg Winnipeg
    to watch auroras?
    Both have about the same distance to the
    magnetic north pole.
    Or are there other factors with re to auroras?

  3. DrFlimmer

    You have a heat wave? You should consider to give some parts of that heat to Germany. We entirely lack “summer” until now….

  4. Bartman

    That sound track is incredible. I’ve played it three times in a row.
    If you go to Tor Even Mathisen’s website at:
    he had links to the track “As We Float” by The American Dollar.

    I know I’m going to get it.

  5. Well actually the atmosphere isn’t sizzling with cold light in Tromso, just 24 hour day light. And Tromso is at 70 degrees north. Winnipeg is at 49 degrees north. Massive difference there.


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