Huge lenticular cloud near Mt. Fuji

By Phil Plait | June 29, 2012 6:44 am

Astronomers love clouds. Well, actually a lot of us hate clouds, but a lot of us are fascinated by meteorology, and clouds in particular. I love ’em all, from cumulonimbus to mammatus. But there’s something about the bizarre lenticular clouds — lens-shaped beasties that form downwind from mountains.

So how could I not love this video of a gigantic lenticular that formed near Mt. Fuji in Japan?

Yegads. I have a decent understanding of these, but even I would’ve soiled myself if I had seen this one. I love the layering in it, and how perfectly shaped it is. I’ve seen a few like it (see Related Posts below) but never one as nice as this.

Now that summer has hit once again – with a vengeance here in Boulder – I’m hoping to see more. If I do I’ll be sure to snap some pix and post ’em.

Tip o’ the brolly to BABloggee Cristiana Senni.

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  1. Enorme nube lenticular cerca al Monte Fuji | June 29, 2012
  1. Chris

    I remember seeing this on CNN a week ago with the headline “Cloud looks like flying saucer” and thinking “Someone saw a lenticular cloud and suddenly it’s front page news? What’s next, cloud looks like kitty cat, details at ten.” At least you, Phil, don’t try and overhype it.

  2. Looks more like a flying pancake :)

  3. F16 guy

    I lived in Japan while an A-7 pilot on board the USS Midway (homeported in Yokosuka), and one year my parents came to visit, and I decided to take Dad on a hike to the top of Mt. Fuji.

    This story brought back some fun memories.

  4. I’ve always loved lenticular clouds, and living in the Midwest, I only get to see them when I travel. Thanks for sharing!

  5. vel

    I’m not saying it’s aliens, but…. it’s aliens. :)

  6. Rick J

    Stack -o-pancakes was my first thought…. very neat.

  7. Trebuchet

    Yep, alien spacecraft. Phil is, of course, a paid NASA disinfo agent!

    What I really loved about the video was the ads that appeared at the end for “cloud computing” services!

  8. Dave


    Hang out near Seattle and Mt. Rainier for a while. Not all of them are as good as this multi-wave set from a few years ago (, but we get huge singular ones like the Fuji images all the time, usually as the weather is changing.

    Do a web search for “Mt Rainier Lenticular Clouds Images” to see more.

  9. Mike


  10. Johnny Vector

    I see Fujisan has its white cap on too. It was wearing one of those when I tried to hike up it, but there was no lenticular in the wake. So we got the horizontal rain as we got close to the summit (and decided to abort as a result) but didn’t get to see a super-cool spaceship cloud. Double lose.

  11. LeftWingFox

    Laputa, Castle in the Sky.


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