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By Phil Plait | July 3, 2012 3:49 pm

Tomorrow is a big fun holiday for United Stateseans, but those foreigners at CERN decided to make a big Higgs announcement at 1:00 a.m. my local time, and I imagine I’ll wake up to having to explain what a 4.5σ result is.

So until then, I’ll just put this here. And yes, that is my pal Felicia Day playing the violin.

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  1. Sindragosa

    Phil, does this current research actually tell us anything new about the nature of the Higg’s boson? Or is it only concerned with the probability of its existence?

  2. Ed Minchau

    Well, Phil, you and I agree on one thing: Felicia Day is awesome. I’ve been watching her since she started writing, producing and starring in The Guild (check it out on youtube if you haven’t already, everyone, it’s hilarious). All that and a degree in Mathematics, too!

  3. Ian

    If Felicia Day is actually playing that, then she goes way up on my cool list. Hot damn!

  4. Marina Stern

    Awesome video; shared on FB.

  5. Richard

    Either Felicia plays violin – and that’s a thing I never knew about her before, so yay! Or, she doesn’t play violin and was acting for the benefit of that video, in which case – wow! Her actions and motions matched the music so well, it shows an outstanding level of acting on her part. In any case, awesome her!

    And props all ’round to both Tom and Felicia. Excellent, fun and cool video! Thanks, Phil, for passing it along.

  6. noen

    CERN is saying that they made multiple videos that cover the various alternate announcements so we can’t be sure this is the one that will ultimately be the official announcement.

  7. Gary Ansorge

    Dang! and all I got to brag about knowing were a few hairy musicians. YOUR friends are WAY cooler…and probably not as stoned…

    Cern is 90% of the way home. 10 % chance of something really far out messing with the results. I LIKE weird…

    Gary 7

  8. kuoirad

    Being a violinist myself (played for almost 30 years now), she was really playing it. And it looks like she’s pretty good too.

  9. Peter B

    Mmmm, nice vibrato… :-)

  10. Ed Minchau

    Yes, she’s playing it. She has two degrees: one in Math and one in Music. Kinda makes the rest of us look lazy, no?

  11. Charles J. Slavis, Jr.

    If I understand correctly the Higgs Boson is what gives things mass…substance………It is like Obama Care……..The only thing of substance that Washington has done……And it is so massive that nobody can exactly explain it…..

  12. Charles J. Slavis, Jr.

    So ….for 10 billion dollars we might get an announcement that they might have found something that might be the Higgs Boson……..and they might want more money……… they might have more time to determine what it might be….

  13. Charles J. Slavis, Jr.

    Are these guys from wall street?

  14. Vault 42

    Hmm, might need to make room on the marital exception list. She’s also the voice actress for Veronica in Fallout New Vegas. Never knew what she looked like until now.

  15. Charles J. Slavis, Jr.

    I hope that they might discern who will pay the electric bills……Can’t they run a line to Japan?

  16. Peter B

    Charles J. Slavis, Jr. @ #14 said: “So ….for 10 billion dollars we might get an announcement that they might have found something that might be the Higgs Boson……..and they might want more money……… they might have more time to determine what it might be….”

    200 years ago electricity was as much a mystery as the Higgs Boson is today. And now look what it does for us.

  17. Charles J. Slavis, Jr.

    Actually I believe in science if it can be cost efficient…..but I just heard that Mermaids have been determined not to exist……and I had already guessed that…..Now I want to know if there is a bosons mate……An anti-boson could be used for weight loss…….

  18. Ricardo

    You should hope for research on anti-periods instead, your ellipses are about to go supernova.

  19. Peter B

    Charles J. Slavis, Jr. said: “Actually I believe in science if it can be cost efficient…”

    How do you determine the cost efficiency of a project before you start it?

    To continue the example I used previously, people 200 years ago could not have imagined in their wildest dreams the uses we have today for electricity, so by your standard it wouldn’t be worth ‘believing in’.

  20. Cairnos

    @21 Peter B

    I’ll go one better, you don’t have to look to far to find that people thought that steam power was a useless toy, and as for that awful infernal combustion engine, why oh why did these silly people waste thier time messing around with those big smelly loud machines and their automatic mobilitrons or whatever they were calling them, clearly not going anywhere and they scare the damn horses, sholdn’t be allowed….why I heard that one was built that almost reached twenty miles an hour! Outrageous!!

  21. Chris Winter

    You’ve got some amazing pals, Phil — as does Paul Allen.

    Because it’s the Fourth of July, and Paul Allen is (among other things) a big fan of hot guitar licks, and I’ve just finished reading his memoir Idea Man, I have to post this:

    Jimi Hendrix… Woodstock… Star Spangled Banner

  22. JB of Brisbane

    I like this one better than Hendrix at Woodstock :-)
    On the day, my local time, I saw a young lady walking through the shopping centre above where I work wearing a pair of leggings (it’s winter here, don’t forget). Her left leg was red and white striped, her right leg had white stars on blue. Sorry, but she beat this post by a day.
    @Mick #23 – hot Felicia Day may be, but this is a family blog. Keep it clean.

  23. LOL! Dancing pants reminds me of the Happy Pants song! Click my name for the YouTube link.

  24. Bigfoot

    I just watched this video for like the 10th time and, by golly, you’re right; there are dancing pants in it!

  25. Stargazer

    That’s all the red white and blue I can take for today. That it was Tom and Felicia certainly made it easier though.

  26. Mark

    I hate to be a prude, but in honor of independence day I’ll go ahead and post this. I suspect many are unaware. It is a violation of the US Flag Code to wear the Flag (with the exception of lapel pins and uniform patches). Yes, we all have freedom of expression and have every right to violate the Flag Code if we choose. But I suspect many who wear the flag (including the beautiful violinist above) are trying to show patriotism, but are simply unaware of the etiquette. For the curious, look up Section 8 of the US Flag Code, parts D and J.

    Happy 4th to everyone!


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