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By Phil Plait | July 3, 2012 1:29 pm

[Update #2: OK, no good deed goes unpunished. A bunch of comments got held up by my spam filter, and I see that actually, O’B was the first person to get this right. Since this was my mistake, he wins as well and I have notified him. I apologize for this folks. I don’t know why so many comments got held up, but software does sometime take all the fun out of things. I’ll note that I was willing to take "The Thinker’s Rodan" OR "Rodan’s The Thinker" since they both make the same joke. I figured whichever was first was OK, but it had to be phrased just that way.]

[Update: We have a winner! jaranath was the one to figure it out. My explanation is right below his comment, too.]

The first person to leave a comment with the exact caption I’m thinking of for this picture wins a signed copy of my book Death from the Skies! in Chinese. No, I’m not kidding.

Just leave a comment with a valid email address and your caption below. I’ll contact the winner and arrange shipping the book.

I’m also not kidding about it being exact. Results are final and totally up to me. Quibblers will get stomped.


Comments (137)

  1. Marc C

    Thinker’s Rodan.

  2. Kari


  3. I wonder what Godzilla is up to.

  4. Catherine

    “Where is a shampoo bottle when you need one?”

  5. O'B

    Rodan’s the Thinker.

  6. I can never remember — is it spelled R-O-D-I-N or R-O-D-A-N?

  7. Sanders

    He thought, now he is.

  8. Mark T

    “My shoulder itches.”

  9. Powerdroid
  10. notovny

    Rodan’s Thinker?

  11. Paul Chase

    Rodin’s Rodan

  12. Andy K

    “I’m feeling a little peckish.”

  13. Mike

    What came first? The chicken or…

  14. astroricardo

    Wish I knew where to buy your book in Chinese.

  15. jeffxandra

    Are you thinking what I’m thinking, Mothra?

  16. CJSF

    I think, therefore Rodan.

  17. Boudin

    Yo Dawg, we heard you like Rodin…

  18. roxanne magee

    Did she want a 5 minute egg or a 6 minute one?

  19. Aaron Irons

    New national obscenity laws prohibiting the showing of a person thinking and one censor tech’s bad hearing led to this particular thoughtful visage being “burd”.

  20. RBoy

    I think, therefor I RRRRAAAAAWWWWWW.

  21. Steve Metzler

    OK, it has to be done:

    Bird sh#t!


    ETA: yeah, but I saw that Japanese SF flick too, not long after it came out. I was born the year it was made.

  22. Marina Stern

    I thought I’d enter, but the very first comment is better than what I thought up, so I won’t.

  23. beafdog

    Rodan, the Thinker

  24. Pseudolus

    Hatch, already. Hatch!

  25. Sciencemc

    Thought the Raven, “Neverm–where did this body come from?!?”

  26. beafdog

    (click to kaijuenate)

  27. Mike

    Cognito ergo DESTROY TOKYO!!!!!

  28. Nope. No winners yet.

  29. Dee Neely

    If you could read my mind love?

  30. Is there a prize for recognizing the winning caption when it shows up, twice, immediately below the one you entered?

  31. Brandy

    Really?!?! I didn’t think I needed to take “you are what you eat” seriously.

  32. Rodin, what were you thinking?

  33. bt

    Ro-din Ro-dan
    I have no idea…

  34. Takesi Akamatsu

    Wow! Only two months ’till Dragon*con!

  35. I think, therefore Rodan?

  36. Dennis

    “Damn you, Autocorrect!”

  37. Whatcha thinking about? Oh, nothing. Just Godzilla and stuff.

  38. David

    Rodin’s Rodan.

  39. Donnie

    Quoth the Rodan: “Don’t be a dick!”

  40. Mike

    Is this thing EVER going to hatch?

  41. Sam

    “Just how does Godzilla keep his breath so minty fresh?”

  42. Evil Eye

    Not only can’t I drink from a glass… but I can’t wiggle my toes!

  43. @fentonfaseur

    “Birdemic 3- Thoughts in Time & Out of Season”

  44. Ted Hartley

    I wish these birds would show some professional courtesy!

  45. “I cluck, therefore I am”

  46. Mike Torrey

    Mmmmm…where did that Gelfling go…mmmMM?

  47. JC

    Rodin’s Rodan.

    /got nothin’

    edit: Curses! David beat me to it.

  48. jamie

    so..we really did have feathers at one time

  49. Andy K
  50. Michael

    Who put this toilet outside?

  51. NotNotNick

    Rodan’s The Thinker

  52. John B

    This is what I look like naked?

  53. Andres Minas

    Yo! Kid. Am I disguised enough?

  54. Dale

    Raven’s “The Thinker”

  55. Neil Wilson

    “Now where did I leave my car keys…”

  56. konrad
  57. Catelli

    “Now just how do I eat a Bacon Cheeseburger?” <– Not the winner. But imagine trying to do that with that beak!

  58. Karbon

    It has to be autocorrect :v

  59. JoeyD
  60. Chris

    Godzilla said he’d be right back… Boring…

  61. Pam

    Rodan’s Le Penser

  62. Jaki

    The last thing I remember doing was rapping, rapping at that dudes chamber door…

  63. I have a big head and little arms. :)

  64. Derek

    Is that worm fat enough to bother with? What is big enough? Is the worm infinite or finite? WTF dinner!

  65. Jeff Schwarz

    Rodan’s thinking

  66. Michael

    That’s gonna be one MONSTER of a dump…

  67. Takesi Akamatsu

    I wonder if the furries would like my mask.

  68. Khodok

    Rodan’s “The Thinker”?

  69. Marcia

    “Rodan” by Rodin

  70. Brandy

    Stay healthy and avoid the bird flu!

  71. “If only we dinosaurs had a space program…”

  72. Skip Torvinen

    “When Godzilla created the world, it is the smashing of Tokyo he must have thought first of all.”

  73. Khodok
  74. Gerb

    “A bird’s body weight-brain weight ratio should favour me in the natural selection process.

    Just my luck to be stuck with human’s body.”

  75. Neil

    I think. ∴ Rodan.

  76. What a bird-brain looks like…

  77. Trevor Spratt

    RODAN’S it was—this vital thing, this Soul,
    This striving force imprisoned in clay,
    This monster Shape inert, held in control
    By that it doth enshrine:
    Rodan’s it was; but, ah, to-day
    It is the world’s—and mine!

  78. Tom

    Skeptical Rodan

  79. jaranath

    Okay, it’s been said, but in the light of Phil’s statements of “exact” and since it’s just such a fitting caption:

    The Thinker’s “Rodan”

  80. OK, I thought this would be easier, but then, I know what I’m thinking.

    OK then, Hint #1: some folks have come very close. Grammar counts.

  81. Catalyst

    Who sits like that?

    That’s not a caption, but seriously, who the hell sits like that?

  82. felicia

    Radon’s Thinker

  83. Tom

    Rodan Thinker

  84. Karen

    I think, therefore Rodan

  85. Aha! I should’ve known I’d get a winner as soon as I posted that.

    Congrats, jaranath, that’s it!

    The joke is on the name, and also the fact that the Thinker is, literally, Rodan.

    Expect an email in the next few minutes. :)

  86. VinNay

    Rodan’s The Thinker

  87. BB

    Gappa, Le Penseur

  88. Todd

    I think therefore I Rodan.

  89. Scottynuke

    Shouldn’t you be offering a Japanese version of DFTS! for this contest? :-)

  90. Josh

    Ro think, therefore Rodan.

  91. “Teaching bird brained thinking in TX”

  92. I wonder if Creationists will use me as an example in their curriculum like that hack Loch Ness Monster?

  93. Mike Armenini

    I evolved from a dinosaur and all I got was this lousy bronze statue?

  94. Julie

    “Rodin Rodan”

  95. Mike Torrey

    That thing still looks like a Skeksis…

  96. Julie

    aww too late. Way to go!

  97. Will W.

    “Hmm…how will I test my Gamera existence theory….”

  98. Good job, Jaranath. Critical thinking at it’s best! :)

  99. Rob Landley

    Ok, no more homeopathic laxatives for me…

  100. “I think therefore, Rodan”?

  101. Steve
  102. TooMuchDew

    In an ill-advised viral marketing campaign for the upcoming summer 2013 Guillermo Del Toro giant monstrous creatures vs. massive robots film “Pacific Rim”, August Rodin’s “Le Penseur” was vandalized by having his head replaced with that of the fictional Japanese mutated pterosaur called Rodan (not pictured: Michelangelo’s “David” with Mothra wings and the Lincoln Memorial outfitted in powered armor with a 50′ beam sword.)

  103. Ryan

    Rodan’s Le Ptérenseur

  104. Jay

    I bet you think I’m bird brained!

  105. Jay

    Is that bird seed in your pants or are you just happy to see me?

  106. tmac57

    Rodan’s ‘ Don’t Be A Pecker Head!’

  107. Steve

    I think therefore… Ooh! A nice clean Toyota! Be right back….

  108. Mike

    A bird on the hand is worth two…

    aw, forget it.

  109. Andres Minas

    No winners yet? How ’bout “Let’s end this debate with arm wrestle!”. Seriously, “How’d I know what you’re thinking, eh”.

  110. jaranath

    Cool! :)

    And per Valtra’s caption at 73: I just hope the spam filter doesn’t hold up OUR space program!

  111. Andres Minas

    Aw! Come on Phil, you’re such a killjoy! You’ve announced the winner too soon. However, if you’ll reconsider, I’d settle for the Chinese version :). Thanks for the fun!

  112. Steve H

    Show me again. How do you make a shadow rabbit?

  113. John Divver

    Ooof!! That’s the biggest egg I’ve ever laid!

  114. Next on the History Channel: Ancient Birdman Aliens discovered America

  115. Number 6

    This statue looks like an epilogue scene for a remake of Alfred Hichcock’s movie, The Birds….In the remake, the birds do not kill all humans, but instead use a select few for experimental research and interbreeding. This statue stands outside a leading university millions of years in the future.

  116. Mark C

    My name’s Rodin Rodannadanna

  117. Keith Bowden

    I still like “I think, therefore Rodan.” :)

  118. Sabean

    Ok am too late (darn time differences) but I would have said “At some point this egg just HAS to hatch”

  119. Nyetwerke

    The next Denver Airport statuary.

  120. gravespinner

    If only it were a cat it could be the Sphinkter

  121. Acronym Jim

    I know the contest is over, but I can’t resist:

    “Rodan the stinker”

  122. Michelle Thaller

    Cogito ergo corvis

  123. RAF

    How about…”heard the BAUT forum was closing, but I’m just too stoned to care…”

  124. Catalyst

    104 & 105 should get something too, ‘cuz those are awesome!

  125. Waydude

    “I think, therefore Rodan”

  126. Waydude

    oh, crap. never mind. so much for clever.

  127. CR

    Hey, Rodan also DOES remind me of a Skeksis… or rather, the other way ’round. Never quite realized it until seeing the comments here.

    I was going to point out that the signed book should be Japanese, not Chinese, but I wasn’t sure if the “quibblers will get stomped” rule applied only to the caption, or to pedantic miscellany like that, as well. (Runs off to hide in kaiju-proof bunker…)

  128. Joseph G

    “The upcoming Blu-Ray re-release of Ghostbusters is a bit heavy on new CGI scenes, and fans aren’t pleased with some of the changes.”

  129. Nigel Depledge

    Hey, Phil, do you ever plan to do one of these compos where the time-zone bias favours your non-USAian readers?

    My first view of this blog post was your updates about the winners. Not that I wish to whine (well, OK, maybe I do like griping after all), but you do have many readers who live outside the USA.

    Still, I would never have won this one because I had never previously heard of Rodan. And there was me (at first) feeling all outraged at the number of people who couldn’t spell Rodin.

  130. Infinite123Lifer

    “Ok from the top, circumference divided by diameter gives me 3.1415926535897932384626433 remainder…drop the… carry the……….hmm I seem to of had something I shall call a brainfart. One more time from the top 3.14159…”

  131. Nigel Depledge

    Infinite123Lifer (132) said:

    I seem to of [sic] had something I shall call a brainfart

    Certainly, to have made such an elementary grammatical blunder.


    (Should be ” . . . seem to have had . . .”.)

  132. Ben

    (Pensively) I wonder why it is that people persist in referring to me as a “bird brain”?

  133. Infinite123Lifer


    I tried :-)

    After reading 131 comments in record time (for BA) I seem to have had the foolish idea that perhaps The Thinkers “Rodan” mind is merrily calculating pi . . . because he can of course 😉 and because who else was gonna do it in 1902?

    I realize the goal was to guess the caption, not guess the thoughts of this . . . altered picture of Rodin’s statue but with this AB from the BA I panicked.

    I don’t know what I would do without ellipsis either Nigel, whether I use them correctly . . . is easily debatable . . . regardless I love the dot-dot-dot . . . the thought of a world with no ellipsis points makes me shudder. btw, it was you who informed me of the name for the dot-dot-dot, good lookin’ out.

    47. Mike Torrey Says:

    “Mmmmm…where did that Gelfling go…mmmMM”

    my favorite.

  134. Tom Osselton

    I can’t belive I have worms!!!

  135. kat wagner

    If you could read my mind, Dove.

    Weird and goofy.


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