Come see my panels at Comic Con!

By Phil Plait | July 3, 2012 7:00 am

<Farnsworth>Good news, everyone!</Farnsworth> I’m going to San Diego Comic Con!

Better news: I’m doing two panels!

Better-than-that-news: I’m moderating one of them, and it will be awesome.

Comic Con, for those of you who have never watched Big Bang Theory, is one of the largest nerdfests in the world. It happens in San Diego every summer, and while terrifyingly huge and crowded is a lot of fun. I’ve been several times, but missed it last year. I swore I’d go this year, and even though my mom told me never to swear, it worked this time. I’m going.

The first panel I’m doing is The Science of Science Fiction: Canon Fodder — and yes, of course I came up with that name. The panel is Thursday, July 12, at 6:00 in Room 25ABC in the convention center. I’ll be moderating the panel of some of the biggest names in Hollywood and TV writing:

  • Zack Stentz and Ashley Miller (Writers ‐ Thor, X‐Men: First Class)
  • Jon Spaihts (Writer ‐ Prometheus)
  • Jane Espenson (Producer/Writer ‐ Battlestar Galactica, Caprica, Torchwood, Firefly)
  • Jaime Paglia (Producer/Writer ‐ Eureka)
  • Dr. Kevin Grazier (Science Advisor ‐ Battlestar Galactica, Defiance)

How about that? Like I said, awesome. I’ve known most of these folks a long time and consider them friends. We’ll be talking about maintaining science continuity in ongoing series of movies and TV shows. When I was putting the panel together I was looking over the folks participating, and it seemed like a fun topic. It must be tough for a writer to have to know what the canon is and stick with it… or is it? What if you can bend the rules? It’ll be a great conversation.

I’ll note this is the fourth time I’ve done this panel, twice as a panelist and twice moderating it. I hope we can do it every year! It’s a lot of fun – last time, we were turning people away at the door. If you want to see it, come early! This year, the panel is sponsored by my good friends at The Science and Entertainment Exchange, and they’ve done a great job putting this together. Thanks, SEEx!

The other panel I’m doing is also going to be fun: SciFi That Will Change Your Life, and it will be on Friday July 13 at 5:00pm in Room 7AB. On the panel:

  • Annalee Newitz
  • Cyriaque Lamar
  • Charlie Jane Anders
  • Me!
  • Deric A. Hughes
  • Sarah Kuhn
    • I’m excited about this because we get to dork out over scifi, and I’m pals with Annalee and Charlie Jane (from the io9 blog). I’m also really happy to be on a panel with my old buddy Deric, who writes and produces Warehouse 13 on the SyFy channel, a show I really like.

      I love SDCC for a lot of reasons, but maybe the best is I get to see lots of friends I rarely see otherwise. And, of course, w00tstock! I won’t be on stage this time (but because I am a gentleman I will still plug Paul and Storm’s crazy great Game of Thrones video), but I’ll be there lurking and standing creepily in the shadows. Look for me! Win prizes!*

      I need to go over the vast schedule of things going on there, but I’m planning on being at the SyFy Channel’s Defiance panel, and I’m hoping to get to the Mythbusters and Big Bang Theory panels. And Fringe. And Firefly. And Warehouse 13. And Alphas. And and and.

      Yikes. I netter start getting some sleep now. There won’t be time next week!

      * Sorry, you’re not eligible for the prizes.

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      Comments (10)

      1. Candace

        Those were already on my schedule! I’ll be at w00tstock too. I can’t believe SDCC is only a week away!

      2. At the risk of seeming out of it – which never ever happens – could someone explain the “farnsworth” joke to me?

      3. Mike

        It’s from Futurama. It’s the catch phrase of the character Professor Farnsworth.

      4. Thespis

        Character on Futurama; prefaces every announcement with “Good news, everyone!” or a humorous variant of such.

      5. Celina

        Sadly, due to being scheduled at the same time, you (and I) won’t be able to attend *both* BBT and Firefly panels :( SDCC does this to me EVERY YEAR… it’s like Sophie’s Choice, or which child I like best :p

      6. Denny

        Sadly, unless you already have tickets, you’re out of luck getting in – CC has been sold out for months and even the sale of the returned tickets has sold out (I know, I tried to get some).

      7. Daniel J. Andrews

        You’ll be on the panel with Prometheus writer Jon Spaihts. Ask him what the beginning scene was all about. Was that earth? Was the alien starting life on earth? Trying to destroy life on earth? Supposed to destroy but decided to kill himself instead?? And how that ties in to the aliens at the end returning to earth to destroy it. Thanks. These questions want answers.

      8. Kyle

        You forgot to add Buffy the Vampire Slayer (no sparkly vampires in that one!) and Warehouse 13 to Jane Espenson’s credits which is a very well done show IMHO.

      9. Zyggy

        @6 Daniel: What I got out of that scene was that he was sacrificing himself to put into motion a series of events that concluded with the scene at the very end of the movie.

        (possible spoilers ahead) He was on the alien planet. To me it seemed that he was executing the first step of a (planned) lengthy process. He drank the stuff which destroyed him and he fell into the water. The ‘stuff’ takes over and recombines his DNA with things found in the water to create a new life form. That water (with new DNA) is the stuff that runs down into the valley where the ‘pods’ are kept. The pods then later react to the introduction of earth-like atmosphere, etc.

        It seems there were several ‘steps’ needed to produce the end result. And it also seemed the end result may not have been exactly what the ‘makers’ had originally intended (as the ‘maker’ may not have been part of the original equation)

        (edit: this could all be wrong, it’s just what I got out of the first sitting through the movie, which I personally thought was fantastic)

      10. I’ve seen your Science of Sci-Fi panels twice and enjoyed them a lot, and I’m hoping to go again this year, but I may not be able to make it due to timing. Anyone reading this: I highly recommend the first one!

        With luck I’ll be able to make it to the second panel at least. It’s on my list, but SDCC is always about the trade-offs.


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