This Is Our Planet

By Phil Plait | July 6, 2012 7:00 am

Because I never get tired of time lapse videos taken from space, here is one created by Tomislav Safundžić called This Is Our Planet:

I like how it speeds the pace up over most such videos; at some spots there’s a frenetic feel to it that is counter to how I usually think of what it’s like to serenely orbit the Earth. I like the music, too! I’ve written about these time lapse videos many times, and described what’s in them, including the aurorae, the air glow, identifying cities from space, and so on.

See the Related Posts links below. As beautiful as these videos are, I find they are even more amazing when you actually understand what you’re seeing.

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Comments (14)

  1. Dan

    What I find a bit unsettling in the night shots is that you can see how very thin and fragile our atmosphere appears when viewed from space.

  2. Pete

    It’s very beautiful. Then you zoom in and see the suffering, the torture, the famine, the ugliness of the human race. The murderers, the terrorists, the liars, the thieves. For as amazing as something like this is, all I see is deception. A somehow beautiful blank canvas that has yet to be destroyed.

  3. letthead

    Beautiful! The song is “Intro” by xx. Rihanna used the sample in her song “Drunk on Love” on her latest album.

  4. Me

    Huge flashes of light at sea — fishing fleets?

  5. Dax

    @Pete: that’s why any major catastrophic event described in “Death from the Skies” could be a blessing. Like in Bradburry’s Mars Chronicles, if (and this is, with our current understanding of physics a truly enormous ‘if’) we ever leave this rock behind, our major export product will still be our ability to destroy.

  6. Adam

    Those are storms, with lightning bursts, Me.

  7. Orlando

    #4: I think they’re thunderstorms.

  8. Sunny D

    We must learn to take care of ourselves before can take care of the Earth.

  9. Infinite123Lifer

    Taking care of ones environment is by definition part of taking care of ourselves. This whole humans are seperate from Nature concept is a gross misinterpretaion of the evidence, rather the reality of being a human. But yes Sunny D . . . crawl then walk.

  10. Dave

    Anyone else spot the satellite skimming along above the earth in the distance about mid-way in the video? Ultracool.

  11. pgc

    Does anybody know what is the structure visible at 01:08 in the center of the image? Is it reflecting stars or are just burnt pixel (as they seem not to move as they should) as someone suggested?

    Is it the support of the dome? Why a fixed dome should be in the middle of a time lapse then?


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