Mad Art: Giger Counter

By Phil Plait | August 15, 2012 10:18 am

What, you may ask, is this?

That, dear BAtweeps, is a Giger Counter. It’s an actual thing, built by my friend Steve D at Mad Art Lab, and he got the idea from an idle joke I recently tweeted.

Seriously. Go read the whole story behind it, and be amazed at the creativity some folks have. And to know that something I wrote as a silly joke inspired someone enough that he turned it into an actual physical object – especially a pun! – is beyond awesome. I am honored.

Comments (13)

  1. George

    Only that Mr. Giger is actually pronounced “Gheeger”, so for a few seconds I reallly didn’t get the pun.

  2. Beat me to it, George. But that IS a really nifty gadget, one the mad Mr. Giger would probably like.

  3. Keith Bowden

    Heh. I got it even with the pronunciation difference. It’s just funny! And very cool. (And I like the “H R Gigerstuff” joke, too!)

  4. Steve D

    Thanks for the plug!

    Hey if it weren’t for people making off-hand comments, I’d have no material. :-D

  5. Made me smile so maybe it´s a giggle counter.

  6. kat wagner

    Really, Gheeger? I totally got it right away. Love the back story, i.e., needed some hilarity today. Fanks!

  7. Matt

    So, this “giger counter”, does it enumerate the Gigers in a given area? Or does it scan a person and tell you how likely he/she is to be a fan of H. R. Giger’s artwork? (This could be useful….) Seriously, this is great; visual puns are even better than the merely verbal!

  8. MattTheTubaGuy

    nice, never heard of Giger before, his works are interesting.
    kind of sad that I instantly recognized the pipes as being from LEGO :-/

  9. And if I hadn’t read the backstory, I would have missed the “Giger” part of the pun.

    And I hate to admit that I remember watching H.R.Pufnstuf on TV. (And OMFSM, it’s available on Amazon Prime. Time to introduce the kids to the magic of the Krofts. Well, a couple of minutes anyway. Don’t need their brains to melt.)

  10. Digitalaxis

    So is it a counter you can store stuff on? Does it count the Gigers you have? Is it a Geiger counter in an amusing box?

  11. CatMom

    Now that’s pretty cool. Does it detect ravenous Aliens, too?

  12. I posted about this, and even explained who H.R. Giger is, and then the first comment was someone correcting my spelling of Geiger Counter. I resisted the impulse to reply with


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