By Phil Plait | September 3, 2012 11:00 am

Yeah, you know how this comic is going to end, don’t you?

Wow. I am constantly amazed by how a silly drawing can still be poignant. But then, if you didn’t cry at Jurassic Bark, you aren’t human.

Tip o’ the extra man to my pal Zack Stentz, whom you should be following on Twitter. Comic by Ehud Lavski.

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Comments (12)

  1. Pretty heart wrenching, to say the least.

  2. Sir Butcher

    Have to agree. Very sad :(

  3. kat wagner

    Great. Now I’m bummed out.

  4. KP

    Now if we could only get the same type of response for the real people in Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Yemen whom we kill in video game-like settings with drones piloted by remote control.

  5. Other Paul

    Do not mourn. For yet he will be repixellated.

  6. Crudely Wrott

    [wow – cue Twilight Zone theme]

    I am watching Jurassic Park right now. Glad I’m not also playing Space Invaders. The game sounds would clash terribly with the TZ theme.

    [fade twilight zone music]

  7. Pete Jackson

    Are the parents making a new sibling for our invader in frame 5 of the comic?

  8. James Evans

    Anthropomorphized versions of Pong or Tetris would get more tears from me, but I admit to being a little different.

  9. Marc Brown

    If you want to witness the probable inspiration behind this comic – or at least an uncannily similar train of thought – then here ya go. Catchy tune, also.–dHQIeagE

  10. Don’t cry … because at last invaders ever win

  11. mike burkhart

    I knew it there back and reproducing I’M going home to get my tank. By the way where did theses come from ? In the updated Space Invaders game I blasted there home planet. Do we have traiders giving Sapce Invaders aid ?

  12. Lola

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