By Phil Plait | September 8, 2012 7:00 am

Looking for something fun to do in late December when the world doesn’t end? Then you might consider going on a Not The End of the World Cruise.

This is a brilliant idea: a bunch of astronomers and other scientists are doing a cruise package to take place over the silly "Mayan end of the world" date of December 22, 2012. And where are they sailing? Why, the Caribbean, of course, including Cozumel, an island off the Yucatan Peninsula.

The guest list is a good one: authors David Brin and Robert J Sawyer; Star Trek writer Andre Bormanis; astronaut Steve Hawley (he literally placed Hubble into orbit); my friends the astronomers Michelle Thaller, Kevin Grazier, Doug Duncan, Timothy and Stephanie Slater; and more.

Also attending will be Fraser Cain and Pamela Gay from Astronomy Cast! In fact, when you book the trip, tell them "Astronomy Cast sent me" and Fraser will give you a special gift on the cruise. And no, I have no idea what it is. Probably a goat or something.

Anyway, I really wish I could do this, but I’m otherwise occupied at that time (no, not hiding in a bunker). But don’t let that stop you: go book your cabin!


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  1. sophia8

    There’ll be a New Age/psychic/woo cruise in the same area at the same time – they’re even stopping off at Cozumel as well: “This is not a cruise – this is a spiritual experience”
    If the two parties happened to bump into each other on December 21st, would the Universe collapse?

  2. Dang, I want to go!!!!!!! Sadly, I am scheduled to be on travel elsewhere on those days.

  3. Chris

    Oh, to be on a cruise with Pamela Gay. Sorry I’m swooning. Unfortunately it’s a little outside my budget.

  4. Isaac

    Yeah, I’d like to go, too, but, you know, they want money.

  5. Frost Bite

    Wackos: The Mayan calendar end date proves the end of the world!
    Mayans: Would you want to CARVE a stone calendar EVERY year? We didn’t have Kinko’s around, idiots.

  6. Pete Jackson

    The great thing about this cruise is that you can throw your suitcases away after unpacking. You won’t be needing them again! And forget about dirty laundry; just toss away your clothes after wearing them.

    And stuff yourself full with all the deserts.

    And of course, buy this cruise using your credit card.

  7. Wzrd1

    Two factors prevent my wife and I from attending.
    One is the fact that we’re primary caregivers for my aged father.
    The other is the fact that we’re currently so poor, the church mouse has been making donations to us.

  8. James Evans

    @Pete Jackson:

    And of course, buy this cruise using your credit card.

    I suppose organizers could safely advertise a money-back guarantee should the world actually end.

  9. Chris

    Geeze scientists are poor. I’ll have to sell my soul and get into climate denial, or more generally reality denial. I hear the pay is really good.

  10. Gary Ansorge

    12/22/2012? Naw. That can’t be right. I have it on good authority it will end on 12/12/12…unless we kill God…Hey, it worked 2000 years ago…a world for a god. Sounds like a fair trade to me…

    Hey Phil. Sorry I couldn’t afford to come see you at Dragon Con however, my friend Damon did just that AND he got to sit next to one of his personal heros…Randy…He’s still telling everybody all about it(Ok, he’s telling ME all about it. Dang, some people have ALL the luck).

    Gary 7

  11. JHGRedekop

    I’ve been booked for months now… Looking forward to it!

  12. Ulrike Lahaise

    We’re going!!! I reserved our rooms right after I heard Pamela mention it at her CosmoQuest talk at DragonCon in ATL over Labor Day Weekend!

    Can’t wait for The-End-Of-The-World-NOT !!!

    See y’all there!


  13. RAF

    Seems that being “too pricey” is becoming commonplace with these skeptical “events”.

    Makes me appreciate the old days when you could attend skeptical events for free.

    Guess everyone has to “make a buck”.

  14. SunnyD

    It’s always amusing when scientists use the debunking of silly theories to boost their fragile self-confidence. Seriously speaking, I hope all the members of the cruise will realize how dumb this endeavor was and how it was a waste of time.

  15. VinceRN

    I could really use a goat, but sadly both my work schedule and my budget won’t let me do this one.

    SunnyD @13 – How is spending time at sea with a bunch of scientists and visiting interesting historical sites a waste of time? This would be a fun and educational trip regardless whether they are making fun of the doomsayers or not.

  16. NAW

    I am kind of on SunnyD’s side here. I really don’t want to put down these people. But there is a limit to the amount of snark you need to have. More so when most people have gotten tired of the “end of the world” jokes.

    On the other hand, I do hope they have a fun time. Sound like there will be a lot of awesome people there and they will be seeing some beautiful places.

  17. GregoryInSeattle

    Gahhh!! I just signed up for the Center for Inquiry’s conference in Ottawa at the end of November. Not enough money or time to do both.

  18. I wonder how many goats they’ll let me bring on board to hand out. Are there border issues bringing goats to Mexico? I guess we should have thought this whole goat giveaway through more carefully.

  19. DrFlimmer

    Hm. Being on a ship while the world goes down is actually a clever idea, as we all know from Roland Emmerich’s documentary “2012”.
    That is, you can be wrong, but still save your a**. Clever guys.

    If they are right, they still gonna have a lot of fun. Enjoy it! ūüėČ

  20. MoMan

    Wait! This cruise is about one half the price of Randi’s trip in early December? I was just about to sign up with Randi but this changes things…I mean, I love Randi, but saving a thousand means a lot, too. Thank you, Phil!

  21. Ken

    That date mostly appears in inscriptions like “The city of Tikal and the dynasty of Balam Ajaw will last until” AFAIK there’s only one inscription that (ambiguously) predicts some sort of upheaval on that day, and I’m sure it’s just as accurate as the hundreds that are the Maya equivalent of “my reign shall last 1000 years.”

  22. Jannercide

    What sort of nutjob goes on a cruise when the end of the world is about to happen?

  23. #22 Jannercide:
    What sort of nutjob thinks the end of the world is about to happen???

  24. VinceRN

    @22 Jannercide – If the end of the world actually happened and you were on a cruise to celebrate the occasion you would get a lot of extra style points added to your final score.

  25. Mike Saunders

    Between this and the Science Ranch it seems like experiencing science is best left to the 1%


  26. If we want to flaunt our reason, we could plot the Cruise to the End of the World, into the Bermuda Triangle!

    No need to plot a return course.

  27. sophia8

    Jannercide@22: Well, it won’t be the end of the world for the nutjobs. Y’see they’re a chosen elite who possess this special higher spiritual vibration from having the 13th strand of their DNA activated. So while the Earth explodes and the unelite, unspiritual billions die, they’ll be teleported away to join the rest of the White Light Brotherhood in the Pleiades.
    Yes, some of them really do think like that.

  28. Solius

    DELETED wrong thread.

  29. davem

    @1 : The kooks’ cruise cost near twice as much. What the sceptics should do is to announce an ‘End of the world Cruise’, charge double, then, when the idiots are on board, bombard them with real science. Donate half the fee to science.

    What’s with this ‘alignment with the galactic centre’ nonsense, anyway? We’re 25,000 ly away from it. Has noone told them?

  30. flip

    Sounds like fun! Wish I wasn’t half a world away… or could afford it…

  31. Ot

    If you are going to Mayan sites, why do you advertise them with the Mexica Sun Stone?

  32. Bill

    The kooks’ cruise ought to cost half as much – after all, they won’t need the return trip…..


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