By Phil Plait | September 16, 2012 7:00 am

In early September, the day after Dragon*Con, I traveled with some good friends to Huntsville, Alabama to raise money for Space Camp. We put on a show called Rocketfest – it was the brainchild of singer/siren Marian Call, and we had a fantastic time.

[Click to vonbraunenate. From left to right: Joseph Scrimshaw, Ken Plume, Marian Call, moi, Molly Lewis.]

But don’t just believe me! My friend Melissa Kaercher went there too, and wrote a brief blog post about it. Melissa’s also a great photographer, and took the wonderful shot above of all of us posing under the huge full-scale Saturn V model suspended from the ceiling.

You can see more of these photos on her Flickr page. I kinda like the photo inset here, too. Noble, isn’t it? I didn’t wind up buying the jump suit, but Molly Lewis got herself one. Melissa’s pictures of her – of everyone – are great.

The concert was streamed live using Google Hangouts, and the whole thing is archived online:

[My part starts at 1:18:50, but you should watch the whole thing!]

It was HUGE fun, and we raised money to help get kids to go to Space Camp, which fills me with joy. It was an amazing place to visit, and if you’re ever anywhere Hunstville, it’s well worth your time to check out.


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  1. Mike G

    Just FYI, though it does include some boilerplate components and was never intended to be flown, that is an actual Saturn V hanging from the roof, not a model.

  2. a saturn V hanging from the ceiling ? that’s some bedroom, my airfix kit had to stand in the corner.

  3. MadScientist

    Is the actual Saturn-V still out on the grounds for display or has it been taken away due to deterioration?

  4. Mike G

    The one hanging from the ceiling is the one that used to be outside. They built the building about 5 years ago to protect it from further deterioration and did a full restoration of it when they moved it inside.

  5. As Mike G said, not a model. Here is the Wikipedia page for that specific rocket:

    – Ben H.
    Houston, TX

  6. James Jones

    Space Camp? Is that still there? It must be hard to attract campers with no national manned space program to speak of.

  7. Meskine

    Phil, this is probably too low-brow for your blog, but did you get to meet any of the “Rocket City Rednecks?” It was a goofy show, but those guys cracked me up.

  8. Jesrad

    Soooo… Phil, are you taking up Kerbal Space Program for a test flight anytime soon ? ūüėČ


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